Juice Fast/protein Fast?

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So I've been reading about periodic 24-72 hour juice fasts as a part of an overall healthy week and month time frame. -- But for some reason I remember reading somewhere that Dave doesn't really reccomend doing juice fasts, in short or long term fashion.. Is this a random memory or am I correct? -- Secondly, the reason I ask is because I would really like to trigger some serious Autophagy, and clearly a non-eating water type fast would be best suited to this, but thus far today I've had just juice and I'm kind of hungry. -- Really just looking to see if I can eat a sweet potato with Kerrygold before bed and still reap the autophagy benefits. -- So basically just curious if anybody thinks combo between low protein and juicing could yield the same type of results as just juicing alone?


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    as far as i can tell...

    you have three main options to increase autophagy, which can be combined if you wish, they are,

    1. fasting 2. ketosis 3. exercise


    raising insulin will inhibit autophagy...which a juice fast may do...?


    & caffeine may help promote autophagy/inhibit mTOR (there are studies, mostly animals i think. have a google. i can posts up some refs later if you want).


    further info/reading here;

    1. The main processes that turn on autophagy

    2. Autophagy by Josh Whiton

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