Oysters? How To Cook/prepare?



  • I got some raw oysters today. Gulped down two of them, I'll save the rest for the rest of the week. Is it bad if they're already shucked?


    I've never heard of waiting even one day to eat an already-shucked oyster. Waiting days seems like a very bad idea to me.  I don't know the science of oyster-decay here, but tradition says you shuck and eat immediately. Maybe waiting a couple hours, if they are laying in ice. 

  • I probably am making it too complicated, but I just want to know I'm doing it right. how do I know if they are alive or not? Should I eat them if there dead? Whats the best way to buy them? on ice? shipped to me? frozen?



    Follow Longo's advice for the most nutritious oysters. You won't know if they are alive or dead, but you will be enjoying delicious oysters the way most people do.Google around if you want to learn more about the lifespan of a captured oyster, and please share the info it's interesting... but I assure you that most folks including bulletproof folks are just doing what Longo said, and not taking any additional steps to determine proof of life : ) 


    How to buy: I go to Whole Foods and have them shuck the oysters for me... Or, order at a restaurant/sushi bar.  I've been to an Oyster Farm a few times, too... bought a bunch of them and put them in a cooler with ice, then shucked them myself with friends. If you are having them shipped to you from a farm they probably have one cold option for how to ship, they probably won't ask you to choose between "iced" and "frozen".  Personally, I prefer oysters from the Atlantic, due to Fukishiuma, but I may be erring on the side of caution here.


    I have a feeling there is more to these questions... you are kinda creeped out by oysters, aren't you? : )

  • very creeped by shellfish in general. I don't want to mess it up, and I feel like it would be easy to mess up. I keep reading about Jack Kruse and others on these forums that say their like some super food, but others say they typically contain more toxins than other fish. I don't want to mess this up. Thoughts?

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  • I keep accidentally stabbing or lacerating my hand when I try to shuck raw oysters (which I can get from the local farmers' market), so I put them in a steamer tray and steam them until they are barely dead. The shells relax just enow for me to open them, and the meat is rare.


    You can find some good academic papers on the reasons behind the toxin worries. As waterways are cleaned up in the US, eating shellfish is becoming much, much safer. There are also strict toxin and bacteria testing regimes adopted by many shellfish growers, as it's in their best interest to avoid making people sick.


    Try this paper: MACKENZIE, C. L. (2007). CAUSES UNDERLYING THE HISTORICAL DECLINE IN EASTERN OYSTER (CRASSOSTREA VIRGINICA GMELIN, 1791) LANDINGS. Journal of Shellfish Research, 26(4), 927–938. doi:10.2983/0730-8000(2007)26[927:CUTHDI]2.0.CO;2


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