Autophagy With Bacon?

Modern Life SurvivalistModern Life Survivalist Saturated Fat Truther ✭✭

My wife just asked if she could have bacon on a day where she was protein fasting for autophagy. I initially made fun of her, as you would expect, but she said it's mostly fat, so I checked it out.


Bacon is only 3 grams per slice, so we could actually get away with eating it on a protein fast day and still go into autophagy, right?


  • Modern Life SurvivalistModern Life Survivalist Saturated Fat Truther ✭✭

    You have a very special woman there. The speculative answer would be yes it's fine if the total for the day is right, autophagy could be affected by how it's cooked or other toxins of course.


    Hehe, yes, I'm very blessed.


    Interesting point about the toxins. If they aren't an issue and you have quality bacon that's marinated in something acidic for at least 24 hours, we may have discovered the ultimate detox diet. Something like the raw vegan thing, but cook the veggies if you want and eat as much butter and 2-3 slices of bacon a day.

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