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    "cuts out fruit" <- incorrect


    "Asprey sells his own brands of both coffee and coconut oil from his website." <- slightly incorrect


    "And the forum on Asprey’s website shows in what high esteem his devoted followers hold him." <- correct :-D


    I really hope this new book contains references. It was very annoying that The Better Baby Book didn't.

  • If the reactionary Telegraph doesn't like it then it's probably a good thing. Going further - why care what these mainstream sources spew out in their clickbait sections?

  • zero33zero33 Thinks plants have feelings.
    like the article, i have questioned many of the studies and references Dave has used - but what i came to realize about the bp diet is that it's a hack not based on statistics, but on customizing a set of protocols by measuring my body's responses to input and my current goals - whether they be weight loss, performance, endurance, focus, entertainment, etc.

    that said, i'm not sure that's how Dave intends it... we'll find out in a few days.

    Coder/Shaper who thinks this is his blog:

  • What don't people understand about a spectrum?  Look at the infographic, decide how closely you want to follow, tweak to your individual physiology and activity level. 

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