Hacking The Commute

My wife and I have one car between the two of us, and I usually take public transport to and from work. It's inconvenient, but it saves a lot of money. How to use the amount of time I spend commuting (about 1 hour and 10 minutes to work, and 1 hour 45 minutes home) is important to me. If I can make good use of that time -- by using that time to better myself -- it could have enormous impacts on my life. If I don't use that time well, it could be a tremendous waste of an opportunity.


I am using “The Miracle Morning” as a framework for the commute to work. See this thread: http://forum.bulletproofexec.com/index.php?/topic/12974-miracle-morning/


Ideally, my commute might look like this:


5:50-5:55: Run 0.3 mile to get from apartment to bus stop. It might be great to walk there, but even if I get a good head start it makes me feel more comfortable to run and get that extra margin of error. Missing the bus (if it is a few minutes ahead of schedule) would mess up the rest of my commute too badly, it isn’t worth the risk.


5:55-6:03: Do some simple form of stretching (such as hurdler stretch, sun salutation) or qigong (such as 8 pieces of brocade, Tibetan Five Rites). Something health-promoting, but doesn’t look so strange that people driving past me call the cops.


6:03-6:10: On my first bus, do some form of meditation, such as Heartmath, or focusing on my chakras one-by-one, or inner smile, or microcosmic orbit.


6:10-6:15: Walk to my subway stop. Do a couple minutes of stretching until the subway train arrives.


6:15-6:31: On the subway train, write briefly in a journal: 1) Things I’m grateful for. 2) Things I will do today. Do a brief visualization exercise, picturing myself doing these things and being successful. Do some quick affirmations to support this. With any remaining time, start reading a book or website on self-help or success in business.


6:31-6:38: Wait for my last bus. Continue reading.


6:38-6:52: Last bus. Continue reading.


6:52-7:00: Run the 0.6 mile to work from the bus. Here’s why: I’m required to start work at :00 or :30. So if I walk, I get to work by 7:05 or 7:10, and have to wait around (read a book or something) until starting at 7:30. And leave work at 4:00, which means fighting traffic, and missing bus connections due to traffic. If I run, I get to work at 7:00, leave at 3:30, and traffic is much less onerous.


So according to this plan, by the time I get to work, I have:

1)      Run 1 mile (in 2 segments)

2)      Stretched / done qigong.

3)      Meditated

4)      Visualized

5)      Done affirmations

6)      Wrote (gratitude and vision for the day)

7)      Read


During my commute home, ideally it would consist of meditating for the first couple of minutes (to shake off the day), and then the remaining 1 hour 30 minutes-ish I would be on my laptop, using my cell-phone to get an internet signal, and I would be doing some kind of work on building a secondary stream of income (likely through building affiliate websites). Provided that I have focus and I don’t waste time, I could conceivably get 90 minutes of work done on this a day (= 7.5 hrs per week), without even taking away from the rest of my life.


By the time I get home, I would meditate for about 5 minutes to get the emotional / energetic residue of the workday and the commute off of me, and then get started with my evening. Making dinner, spending time with my wife, enjoying life, etc.



So what’s been holding me back from perfecting this so far? What could hold me back from success when I try to implement this?


1)      Lack of planning. Not putting the right materials in my bag the night before work. Not knowing what I’m going to read, or what steps I’m going to take building a secondary stream of income. How do I fix this? By planning. Including writing the template down right now.

2)      Fatigue. Mental exhaustion, lack of focus. Feeling groggy after waking up (commute to work). Feeling drained after a full day of home (commute to home.) How do I fix this? For the commute to work, the exercise should help wake me up. For the commute home, the best fixes are to manage my stress levels throughout the day so I don’t feel burned out, to avoid large doses of carbs until the evening, to have a high-fat snack before leaving work, and to start my commute with a couple minutes of meditation to restore myself.


I’d love to get feedback from other people on this. Advice, your own experiences, etc. Thanks everyone!


  • Back when I was taking the train into town regularly, I'd read the paper, and got into podcasts quite heavily. Even when I was in school, I did homework and caught up or got ahead on the reading for the day.

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