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  • Aimee, I can tell you that my cycle has improved dramatically as I've made various changes to my food, sleep and exercise. It's hard for me to pinpoint exactly what helped the most, but as I approached 40, my cycles were getting pretty intense: bad PMS, cramps, and such heavy bleeding that I couldn't keep up even with tampons +maxipads (sorry if TMI!). I'm pretty sure there would have been some multi-syllable diagnosis had I taken these symptoms to my doctor, but I figured that first I should get serious about food quality, exercise and sleep. I did - made lots of changes over many months -  and now I have easy periods. Very regular, no PMS, no cramping, a few days of bleeding with no fuss. The only problem is that since I never think about my period I have to be more careful about tracking my dates so I know when to expect it. 


    There's some wonderful work on different phases of our cycles - that at certain parts of the cycle, we do well with new, creative work and at others we're prone to more introspection and getting our physical and mental environments in order. There's one woman, maybe a dr, who often speaks at paleo events and who's done a lot of interesting work in this regard. Anyone know who that is?

    Stephanie Ruper. She is a no BS genius when it comes to hacking your hormones. If I can't make you a believer in carb re-feeds, read her book. It's worth every penny.

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  • Check out Dave's podcast with Ben Lynch.  Small changes can make a huge difference.  I do believe Ben's suggestions have corrected my hypothyroidism in just one month!

  • Really hope that eases up for you via this way of eating Aimee.  I hate the way one has to feel apologetic about these very female conditions.  That you feel like that on a monthly basis is definitely not 'normal' - and I'm glad you're not accepting it!  I hate that so many women probably do accept it, because they don't know better.

  • Amen, sister! I don't think many women are completely aware (thanks marketing!) of what alcohol truly does to their health, hormones and inability to burn fat.


    Glad you agree.  It's taken for me to step outside of the loop to see alcohol for what it really is.  Recently my SIL and her sister went to Barcelona for a celebratory weekend.  Every single picture they uploaded to Facebook of their travels was a close up of a different alcoholic drink - the obligatory glass of champagne at the airport catching the 6am flight (!!), the immediate drink at the hotel as soon as you arrive, the cocktail at the night out, etc etc etc.  It's insane!


    Quitting alcohol is the best thing I have ever done.  I hope never to go back to it.  This is partly because life is great (and just more honest) without it.  But also because I had started to notice my slight descent down that slippery slope, and didn't like the kind of drinking I was doing.  I wish 'not drinking' was more normalised, it's also insane that you have to justify NOT taking this drug - unlike all others.

  • Skye - I was diagnosed with Endometriosis as well, however I never got the surgery to confirm it, mostly because the doctors told me that if they saw a problem they would do a full hysterectomy without my consent. Yikes! Doctors can be scary. I do fully believe in managing with foods and supplements which is why I was thankful to read your book. Also - no artificial sweeteners, I run away from any programs that suggest them. And I also fully agree with your carb re-feed suggestions. The lower carb I stay, the less weight I loss, but it's about the TYPE of carbs you put into your body. Interestingly enough I found that white rice always agreed with me more than brown, so I will be enjoying some white rice on my refeed day on Saturday! Thanks for the reply, it's pretty great to have a more personal connection while on a food plan with a purpose. You are amazing, truly. I will look into that book :) 


    Clemency - I missed the part where you had given up alcohol - congrats :) My mother always taught me to listen to my body, and never accept being told something was normal when I feel it's not, I am thankful for that. However the answer has never lived in traditional medicine for me. Keep up the great work! 



  • Skye - I was diagnosed with Endometriosis as well, however I never got the surgery to confirm it, mostly because the doctors told me that if they saw a problem they would do a full hysterectomy without my consent. 

    what?!!! This kind of thing drives me nuts...

  • Musicmama - I was only about 20, it scared the crap out of me. 

  • Musicmama - I was only about 20, it scared the crap out of me. 

    no, no, no, no... 

    I'm glad you didn't go through with it, but it's so scary that they thought that was a reasonable thing to do (to a 20yo no less).

  • Karen g - let us know if you try Superstarch. I have also noticed it difficult to stay so low carb after blowing my adrenal fuse. When I could still drink the caffeinated coffee I was fine but now that I can't its struggle city - I just feel frazzled and foggy with too few carbs and my sleep tracker reflects poor rest. Have you been able to stick with the plan?

    My update: something is off. Not sleeping well. Poor concentration, lack of motivation, and general lethargy. FRAZZLED until I have some protein around noon, so maybe I'll add some to my bp tea/bone broth. Not giving up hope - but definitely looking to add supplements to my regimen. Piracetam maybe? CILTEP? If anyone has suggestions I'm all ears.

    A few people have mentioned unfair advantage - could you tell us more about what it has done for you?

    Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving if you celebrated!
  • Musicmama - it's shocking that it's acceptable for doctors to do that, right? (I thought thats what you meant :) )


    KarenG - I believe you may be my brother's co-worker out in SF! He passed along some info about this plan that you had told him, thank you :) 



  • Righto.  My Tracy Reifkind book and 8kg kettle bell arrived this afternoon.  My children are with their dad for the weekend, and I'm off to bed for an early night and to read the book ready to go tomorrow.




  • Hey Angitrap-

    Welcome! I don't think you're alone here with yo-yo starvation dieting. What it does to our bodies (depending on the severity and extremes of self-induced metabolic derangement) is going to determine the rate at which we heal. Of course other factors play into this. Age, bodyfat, other health issues.


    If you could give us some specifics, we could probably help you out a bit more. What's your bodyfat now and what is your goal bodyfat? Any other health issues? What do your carb refeeds look like? What are you consuming on non-refeed days?

    My bodyfat is 34% and I am 51. I don't really have a goal bodyfat percentage. I just want to be rid of the midsection fat and be strong as I age.


    On my non-refeed days I usually eat grass fed beef ( I love short ribs, and I buy them on Saturday from my local farmer and slow roast them for the week). I take the meat jello and cook napa cabbage and kale or whatever I get at the market with ghee and coconut oil. My eating window is from 1-9 each day. 


    I have 'slow' thyroid and take Armour Thyroid- low dose daily, and I am post menopausal, but I am healthy overall. My refeed days include parboiled white rice or sweet potato with my last meal of the day.


    I have added collagen in the mornings now, but feel hungry and have been having cravings for the last couple weeks- out of control! I bought Dave's new book as an addition to yours, so I'm going to try to find my happy place and start over. Thanks for your help!

  • Musicmama - it's shocking that it's acceptable for doctors to do that, right? (I thought thats what you meant :) )



    Yep, that's what I meant! 

  • Karen GKaren G
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    Hi AimeeR - glad to meet you!  Tell your bro that my Bulletproof Diet book arrived this week too and I intend to read it on the flight to the UK tomorrow.  I downloaded Dave's Food Detective app.  However I think it might need your bro's expertise to make it better!  Whiteelephant921, I'm not going to try the superstartch as I don't eat corn.  


    I have started properly just today as I have had one or two distractions this past week.  I have been taking UA for a week and it did help me pull an 18 hour work stretch yesterday.  I'm sleeping like a baby too but don't know if that is UA or the collagen powder (but I take that in the morning with BF decaf rather than at night).  However I'm also taking Super Elixir so currently throwing the kitchen sink in the name of my health and mental performance.

  • Hope everyone's having a good weekend.


    I just did my first kettlebell workout - loved it, although felt my lower back twinging.  I tweaked around with my technique but just couldn't seem to be able to do it in a way that didn't put pressure on my lower back.  Fingers crossed I feel okay tomorrow.  Although my heart rate went up a lot, and I was clearly working out, it wasn't HORRIFIC.  I think I was expecting it to be harder as I haven't worked out for at least 2 years, and have approx 65 pounds to lose.  (I fully expect to eat my words when I'm aching all over in the morning!).


    Onto my next concern, if anyone has any thoughts.  I just had my first carb re-feed.  Had leek and broccoli gently sauteed in about 2 tbsp olive oil, then added about 125g chopped wild salmon and 200g cooked basmati rice, with a drizzle of gluten free tamari.  I'm feeling guilty/worried now!  Was that too many carbs?  What should I expect to happen now?  Clearly I'll be knocked out of ketosis, and no doubt my weight will be higher tomorrow.  Think I need to read up on carb re-feeds and why they're crucial.

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