Lucid Dream Tea

I've had great experience using this Lucid Dream Tea.. I first had some at this weird experimental (now defunct) restaurant in Montreal, that was insanely psychedelically decorated inside called the Spirit Lounge.


He served 'sweet gale' tea after the meal that he said would give us super intense dreams. I scoffed internally (as did a few in my group) but we all had the tea.. cue insanely vivid and intense dreaming that night. I checked in with my friends and all had had similar intense dreaming experiences after. 


I went travelling around the world for a few years and forgot about it (one of the last meals I had in Montreal before leaving), but saw this commercial product on the shelf years later.


Turns out its the same tea and has had pretty strong effects for those that I've shared it with. Thought you guys might want to check it out.


  • What kind of "lucid" dreams? Does it disrupt your sleep?

  • What kind of "lucid" dreams? Does it disrupt your sleep?


    For me its been much more intense dreams that I remember a lot more. 


    I think if you practice lucid dreaming it would allow you to do it easier, but yeah it doesn't trigger lucid dreams, per se.

  • I think "enhanced dream recall" and "enhanced dream intensity" is probably a good way to put it.

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