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  • Strict.nine,

    Try raw pasture raised Camel milk!

    It looks like they sell to Canada with some restrictions. (Hopefully you don't live in Alberta).

    I ordered it twice and really only stopped because it is pretty expensive. I have issues with cow and goats milk, but no problems with camel milk.
  • I just discovered that the camels are fed a mix of barley and non GMO corn "out of season". So I may not buy from them again.

    This site feeds the camels either hay or alfalfa pellets in the winter. All from Amish farms. However, I don't think they sell to Canada.
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    Thanks for the tip!


    It's funny, I am reading Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease by Dr Charles Porter and on page 9 he states:

    Hippocrates advised consumptives to drink
    large quantities of asses' milk. Camel's milk,
    and whey cures were practiced by the Ara-
    bian physicians. Homer called the Scythians
    Galactophagi, or feeders on milk, and He-
    rodotus describes their methods of handling
    mare's milk.

    Pretty cool eh?


    Regarding what cows are fed in winter is so important! In Canada, the winter months force farmers to supplement with grains (bummer) like soy, corn, barley, pea, oat. All of these things are obviously NOT BP. It is quite unfortunate.


    My white unicorn dairy has yet to contact me back. They may pasture their cows even now, and supplement with just hay and silage. However, it may be impossible to keep them entirely off any grain during the cold months.


    Even Waygu, some of the most expensive beef cattle in the world are fed grains.


    I may just have to wait till the Spring Equinox to begin my milk diet in earnest when the cows are exclusively on pasture.

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    raw milk just hit the news here in Australia yesterday (in a bad way). 

    in Australia it is illegal to package or provide raw milk for human consumption. But it can be sold for cosmetic use, so it is usually advertised as 'bath milk'.

    anyway, reportedly and sadly a 3 year old died from drinking the stuff in Victoria.

    I have not done any 'deep reading' on this story yet, just saw it in the paper & caught it on the news.

    5961062-3x2-340x227.jpg  5961006-16x9-340x191.jpg

    here's a link to the first story returned after a google of 'raw milk Victoria' Raw milk company Mountain View Farm defends product after 3yo's death

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  • It is available in the UK, though somewhat restricted by licensing. Very few farms supply it, I would need to talk someone into driving (I don't drive....) 2 hours there and back for my milk to get it at an affordable rate. There is a delivery guy, his prices are triple the acceptably expensive price.


    I am looking for the underground market. I mean it is Sheffield! This place will have an underground supply if anywhere does.

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    yep. we will wait and see what the coroner has to say. I know it is before a coroner, but have no idea when it will be looked at.

    edit: this comment was responding to a new user (zed), who seems to have been removed or disabled, so it makes less sense now.

    but it refers to a post i made on the prev page, here (raw milk in Australia).

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  • fixerforhirefixerforhire Mr. Not Sure.

    I lived off of a diet of grassfed raw milk, grass fed beef, organic raw almonds organic veggies and lunches from wherever I wanted to eat and quite a bit of beer.


    i'd at least three times a week drink beer and eat somewhat unbulletproof foods for dinner

    i mean there wasnt really anything bulletproof about it, except for my chicken only lunches and it was chicken at that.


    breakfast was always grassfed milk with granola and a bannana or a smoothy of grassfed milk, granola and a banana and blue berries.

    lunch was a sandwich, 2 or 3 days roasted chicken, no carbs. every two weeks i'd even gorge on all you can eat pizza.

    dinner 4ish days a week was grass fed meat in some sort of dish. burgers, pasta, bbq roast, baked beef ribs often times with garlic bread with raw grass fed butter. I did use a lot of butter.

    i dont recall what i ate for lunch on the weekend. dinner was something we'd cook up with the roommates. one night would be bar food. i'd order just protein.


    i did work in tahoe in a physically demanding job. lots of cold exposure... but I didnt put on weight in the summer.

    i'd never really felt so good, ever. considering my mix of foods. 

    i'm the type of person that packs on pounds if i eat the "wrong" food.

    i'd yo yo'd from 270 to 190 to 260 then back to 175 and maintained that weight from 2006 to  dec 2011.

    then it climbed and fluctuated to 195 to 205 finally at 26% bodyfat 2 months ago.

    sneaky weight creeped on while the scale weight didnt change too much over the last three years.



    eventually lost access to the grassfed raw milk and butter and beef when I moved to LA dec 2011.

    It didnt occur to me that I could order it..


    if you have access to grassfed raw milk... grass fed beef 

    i'd say give it a shot.


    if you put on some weight from the milk you can always drop 20 pounds of fat in two months on the BP diet and put on a few pounds of muscle without exercising.


    it's all anecdotal those grass fed unpasteurized milk years. good memories.

  • Season10Season10 Trying to survive

    Anyone have a dealer for Surthrival Ghee in Los Angeles.  online retailers seem to be in the UK.  shipping rates for ghee is outrageous from the east side of the country.

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  • Anyone know why grass fed butter is bulletproof but grass fed cream is not listed as BP? Butter is made from cream right?

  • Anyone know why grass fed butter is bulletproof but grass fed cream is not listed as BP? Butter is made from cream right?


    Higher Lactose/Casein content. 3% vs 1% on lactose


    People just beginning BP Diet would do well to shy away for a few weeks, then reintroduce to see if the lactose casein bugs their guts. 


    Sort of an N=1 thing. 


    From a practical stand point Butter is:

    • Cheaper
    • Easier to store, transport
    • Has a longer shelf life
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