Poll: Profitability Of Nutritional Consulting?

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Hi Everyone,


So as I've seen others attesting to as well, I"m currently taking Ramit Sethi's earn1K course in attempts to yield some side income. I already have a successful job but am looking to accelerate some financial goals by earnings 1K-2K a month on the side.


Obviously you want to play to strengths and capabilities so I'm curious, to those who currently work in this field or have some type of affiliation (Dietitian, Nutritional Consulting)


1) Is this level of profitability achievable?

2) If so, would not having any type of licenses or medical accreditation be a hindrance or cause difficulty in procuring business?

3) What are the biggest challenges?

4) Any recommendations/insight to help?


I really appreciate it.


  • John BrissonJohn Brisson The Legend Formerly Known as Ron Swanson ✭✭✭

    1) Is this level of profitability achievable?

    Got to get your cred first and it will take YEARS.

    2) If so, would not having any type of licenses or medical accreditation be a hindrance or cause difficulty in procuring business?

    No, just need to get cred.

    3) What are the biggest challenges?

    Without a degree or a large amount of money you will have to get cred. Getting cred takes time and a lot of hard work. This is no side job it will be your main job and it will be painstakingly slow.

    4) Any recommendations/insight to help?


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    Ideas in themselves do not generate money. The people who manage them do. The skills that will make a bigger difference here are those in business and marketing than your skills in nutrition. The business world is a graveyard of businesses based on a person's expertise who has no idea how to manage said expertise in a way that converts it into money.


    For reasons above, I can't accurately answer your questions given the current information provided.

    Biggest takeaway after several years as a hardcore biohacker: think long-term. Focus on health first before adding in boosters. It works a lot better.
  • Star ChaserStar Chaser Powered by Shred

    I think you missed the boat my friend. Everyone wants to be in the health industry and it will be completely saturated in no time at all. If you're doing it for the love, go for it. It will be hard to make money at it now.

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  • Thanks for the responses everyone.


    I think my intent was a little misconstrued here, I guess I'm looking for responses from those who've entered the industry or currently work in the industry either as a sole source of income or side-business.


    My concern is not necessarily "Cred" per say, as I'm not looking to become a scientific authority behind the mechanisms of what I'm advising on, but more how to implement with those who don't have the knowledge or time to read this stuff like we do all day.


    Secondly, whether or not the market is "saturated" is tough to say. -- Is there a metric for something like this? Of course first-to-market is not the name of the game here. I'm not looking to be the google of nutritional consulting, just looking to make money on the side.


    I was more thinking concrete numbers as opposed to validation of the concept. -- Of course the common perception within a  nutritional/wellness/self improvement forum is going to be tunnel vision in a sense......in that we feel this is now "caught on" and "saturated". Well sure, there's probably a ton of people out there who do this for a living, but how well do they implement and grow their business? Do they still recommend things like boneless skinless chicken breast and whole grains as health foods?


    Judging off the amount of people who have still not even accepted the red meat/saturated fat myths, I'd say there's room to run here.

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    Biggest takeaway after several years as a hardcore biohacker: think long-term. Focus on health first before adding in boosters. It works a lot better.
  • I have no experience in this, but I do think it'll be tough. I live in Los Angeles where people can get pretty intense about food an exercise, and I know a ton of people interested in health, but they just want to read a book or some articles. I know a ton of physical trainers, Pilates instructors, and yoga teachers, but not a single person I know is a nutritionist type. None of my friends have spoken of consulting with one, either... Well, one. She was very sick and consulted a traditional western style nutritionist on the advice of her general practitioner. 


    That said, there probably are metrix somewhere. Maybe call some nutritionist-schools up and ask them about the size of the market, saturation, etc? They probably have this info to be able to talk to potential students. Of course, they may cherry-pick any data they share to make it to look like a promising field, but, you may get a good start.

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