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Bulletproof intern, I remember you mentioned you had researched tooth health in one of your podcasts, but I was unable to find related posts online and/or on your blog. Would you send me links to your articles? Thanks!!


  • has alot of info on this.

    I canceled my dental insurance after healing my cavities in about 3 weeks.

    This old lady conned me into letting her butcher a tooth to crown it for $1300. Then I got wise, and looked for a way to heal the other tooth she planned on crowning -- which she said was far worse than the one I'd just paid for. Within 4 weeks, that cavity was healed. Went from exposed (she'd broken away part of the tooth with a steel pick -- ARCHAIC!!!), sensitive, painful unhealthy, red-colored dentin, to healthy, yellow dentin.

    This is months before I found the "bulletproof diet". I just stopped all grains (especially wheat and oats), and ate lots of butter -- along with the usual EFAs, magnesium, extra Vit D & A, et. al.

    Good luck!
  • Interesting. Would you post a direct link to improving tooth health? I could not find anything on the blog (at first sight, that is).

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    wow! I'd been looking for this information and had asked the Bulletproof intern on twitter about this same exact thing but sadly had not gotten a reply. I hadn't thought of looking through stefan guyenets blog for posts on tooth decay. Thanks Sean!

    Just for conveniences sake in case someone else comes along looking for this info, here are some of the posts on his site regarding tooth decay. I haven't read them yet but i'm sure there's quality information in these posts.

    Preventing tooth Decay ... decay.html

    Reversing tooth Decay ... decay.html

    Images of tooth decay healing due to an Improved Diet ... ue-to.html

    Dental anecdotes ... dotes.html

    Malocclusion: Disease of Civilization Series

    Part 1
    Part 2 ... ation.html
    Part 3 ... on_10.html
    Part 4 ... on_12.html
    Part 5 ... ation.html
    Part 6 ... on_17.html
    Part 7 ... on_24.html
    Part 8 ... on_28.html

    edit: added dental anecdotes link

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    @Bulletproof intern That's great, can't wait to read them.

  • Thanks a lot for your posts and hints. I wonder, does anyone know of a specific study mentioning the impact of vitamin K2 on tooth health?
  • when I "heal" my cavities, will my composite resin fillings fall out, start cracking, or what?
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    I'll republish them soon. I've added some new info as well :)

    Thank you for offering to republish them. Would you mind posting here (or somewhere obvious) when you do?

    Thanks a lot for your posts and hints. I wonder, does anyone know of a specific study mentioning the impact of vitamin K2 on tooth health?

    Also very interested in this. I need dairy-free options for my son with food allergies and was wondering about using D3 and K2 in place of the butter that is often recommended.
  • Just recently, a small part of a tooth broke off due to me biting a nutshell. It does not hurt, but about the size of a grain of salt is missing from the edge of one tooth in front and the enamel looks like it's "cracked", for the lack of a better word. Could that be healed, and how exactly? If that could recover within 3 weeks, as Sean wrote, that would be fabulous!
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    Just recently, a small part of a tooth broke off due to me biting a nutshell. It does not hurt, but about the size of a grain of salt is missing from the edge of one tooth in front and the enamel looks like it's "cracked", for the lack of a better word. Could that be healed, and how exactly? If that could recover within 3 weeks, as Sean wrote, that would be fabulous!

    I did the same thing about 2 years ago.. bit in a nectarine and touched the nut inside in such a way that a part of my fore-tooth broke off (a bit larger than you explained, roughly about 1 mm x 1 mm). It doesn't hurt, but I have the occasional discomfort.

    I've been on the Paleo diet for over 1 year with lots of healthy fats such as butter and animal fats (also supplemented with K2, D3, fish oil, magnesium etc.), no grains, pretty low carb etc.. My tooth has not healed in any particular way that I can see or feel. I have however continued to brush with a fluoride tooth paste and I'm currently working to replace that with the baking soda + hydrogen peroxide solution that Bulletproof intern is recommending. Hopefully that will further help with my tooth and general health.
  • Thanks for your reply. Yes, I really wonder how such a chipped tooth can "heal"... I will probably just have mine fixed, as I feel the tooth has become somewhat fragile to further chipping.
  • I had a tooth that had been causing me intermittent pain for years. My dentist determined that it had a microscopic crack in it. He recommended doing nothing unless the crack became visible or the pain became worse.

    After reading a book on reversing tooth decay I started using fermented cod liver oil. Within a week of starting 1/2 tsp a day the pain was gone and has not returned.

    @Frank - I'm not sure if this would help a chipped tooth, but is seems to help a cracked tooth.

    The book I mentioned is Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.
  • You guys might also want to check out Nadine Artemis on tooth health image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    There are youtube videos from The Longevity Conference.

    Best of luck
  • Such researches are helpful for dentist as well as for public. Great efforts.
  • I've stopped going to the dentist for teeth cleaning altogether.

    Adding this vitamin K2 cleaned the calcified krud off the back of my lower front teeth in 2 days! Truly amazing! Now my teeth are smooth and clean all the time. I just brush my teeth once a day -- and often I forget to do even that. I'm saving good money without the dentist 2x year.

    I learned about it from Richard Nikolay at Free the Animal website. He wrote: "Well, the K2 is the only one I definitely "feel." . . . Within a few days, all plaque deposits on my teeth dissolved and have not returned. This has been a big issue, as I had gum disease and two surgeries about seven years ago. Since getting off grains (probably the gluten) my gum disease has reversed completely according to the dentist. And now, my teeth are virtually always smooth. I rarely feel the need to brush them."

    NOTE: Read all of Richard Nikolay's blogs on this. Apparently, for this to work, you need good quality Fermented Cod Liver Oil, only made by Green Pastures. I have been on that kind of cod liver oil for years. Maybe that's why I had such a dramatic effect.

    Bottomline: if we get all the nutrients we really need, our body should be clean and smell good -- like all primitive people were.

    "We have a major K2 deficiency problem, and it’s a lot more significant than the current D3 issue that is finally being addressed. Why? When we are depleted of K2, we tend to calcify our coronary arteries. These plaques are the ones that kill us suddenly. Last I checked, heart disease remains the number one cause of death for men and women in the USA."

    "This heightened reactivity of KH2 to free radicals may increase our dietary needs for vitamin K2 in arterial walls inflicted with an atherosclerotic plaque to protect them from PAD."
  • I read Ramiel Nagel's book and right after that started with Green Pastures Cod Liver oil and their special butter. I noticed my teeth being much less sensitive, and a recent cleaning showed that there was hardly any plaque at all. However, I do have coloring of the teeth due to coffee and tea consumption, and only brush with salt and tea tree oil. The teeth cleaning really removed the stains, but the return after about 3 weeks.

    I have the impression that the cracked tooth is slowly becoming "smoother" if that makes sense. Perhaps it's being remineralized due to the cod liver oil.
  • I used to have to brush with Sensodyne and I couldn't stand cold on my teeth. I had some receding gums, which presumably is what caused the sensitivity (I had gum surgery on my lower teeth a few years ago). My dentist recommended fluoride treatment, which helped a little. After a few weeks (maybe three?) of a high-fat diet and K supplementation, the sensitivity is totally gone for the first time in my life.

    I've decided to never go to the dentist again. My teeth are still a little stained from wine and coffee, but I have been using hydrogen peroxide instead of mouthwash and it appears to be gradually helping, as does brushing with baking soda.
  • @ Kitty: Thanks for this. I will start with Sodium Bicarbonate soon, will see how that goes. I also just ordered Neem oil to alternative with the tea tree oil I use.
  • I'm inspired....decision made, save my £500 that I was due to spend on 2 hours of having corsadyl injected into my gums and instead, treat myself using all the things listed above.

    I've proved to myself that I can make myself well in the last month or so following Paleo/ BPD, so next on my list is my receding gums...let's go!!!
  • I found coconut oil to be very useful to get rid of inflammation of my gums. Swish it for 20 minutes for a few days in a row or longer and you'll see an improvement if you had problems in that area (like I had after years of a grain and sugar rich diet). I've started taking fermented cod liver oil too now as that seems to be very important, as is a vitamin K2 supplement.
  • After 6 weeks on BP my gums are tight, no more pockets, no more tooth sensitivity. I'm so excited to be able to tell my dentist I will no longer need the very expensive treatment he told me was necessary or my teeth would fall out within the next 2 years.

    I bought some green fermented cod liver oil a week ago and the results have been instant.

    Just another positive result from going BP.
  • Healthy teeth end the existence of care. Herbal medicine, cloves were used to regard infections as they keep up well antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal qualities. Clove oil purges terrible bacteria from oral help and also helping in the repair of contracting gums and other harmed oral tissue.

    For best impacts, including a few of drops of natural clove oil to your coconut oil before planning oil pulling or apply it to your toothbrush before cleaning your teeth.

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