Unusual Fatigue And Brainfog. Doctor Doesn't Know What To Do.

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I thought you guys might have some ideas on what I should do. 


I'm 22, male and I just came home from a two months long trip

through Asia. When I was on Bali I ended up in the hospital with

dengue fever, but it was a quite mild case according to the

doctors, and after leaving the hospital I felt pretty good after 

a week or so. 


One week after I went to Tokyo and stayed there for about two weeks.


Since I started traveling, I've been skipping breakfast only drinking

som high quality tea in the mornings, and eating two big meals

per day. 


I've tried to eat as close to slow-carb/paleo as possible, but it's

been pretty hard at times, and I've been eating some really nasty

japanese and asian food. 


I've gotten a lot of sleep while staying in one place, but every time

I've gone from one place to another, I've had to take early flights

or had to deal with jet lag. This has been quite a lot of stress on

my body, and I've also been doing a little bit of modafinil. 


After coming home to Norway I did my first workout after the dengue

fever. First did some squats with 65kg x 5 rep x 3 set and

afterwards I did a WOD with hang-ups, crunches and pushups for 15 min

and really pushed myself. 


After the workout I had a little bit of a headache, and I felt really

weird in my body. I was laying on the floor and it took a long time

to get my pulse down. 


I went to watch a movie with some friends afterwards, and I felt

my heart kept pumping really hard, not fast, but hard. I also had

quite a bit of brain fog and was really fatigued, and had a hard

time focusing on the film. 


This is five days a ago, and I've feel really fatigued every day since.

I have a hard time focusing, and I can feel my brain is slowed down. 

Can't properly find the right words when I express myself, my vision

falls out of focus a lot. 

I'm also very sensitive to cold and my hands a shaking a little bit. 

I've been eating very healthy the last week, and I usually have a

real edge in the morning, but in the last days I've been really

tired and off. 


My piss was quite dark the days after the workout and think I

over did it on my hang-ups, so I was suspecting rhabdomyolysis. 

I went to the doctor and she didn't find anything on the urine

samples or the blood work.


She said it's normal to get some type of post viral fatigue after

dengue fever, but I've felt so great the last month after the dengue,

so it seems weird that it should suddenly hit me now. 

Does anyone have an idea of what this could be, or what I should do? 

I'm suspecting it can be some problems with the adrenal of thyroid gland,

but I don't know enough about that to be sure. 


Any tips or advice would help!



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  • Now that you've been back, have you been eating very low carb?

  • @Roxos: Thanks, I'll try to take my temps the next weeks. 

    @Desp: No, it's been quite a lot of fructose and starch. 


  • How possible is it that the Fever has permanently weakened your immune system?
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  • @DanSilver: What makes you suspect that?

  • I think you should get a second opinoin regarding the infection from a different doctor. Prefarebly a specialist in infections. There probably are potential complications from dengeu that a standard doctor is not familiar with. It might not have been dengeu at all to start with. If the result still is negative and you dont feel better within a week people here probably will have all kind of ideas that will help you but in my mind first thing is to conult an infection specialist to make sure you dont have a severe medical condition.

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  • Thanks guys for the help. The whole thing was just gone when I woke up today. 

    I talked to another friend that had dengue at the same time as me, and he had the same

    experience after his first workout after dengue. 

    He said it also took one week until he was back to normal. 


    Wonder if this is common for people that has had dengue. 


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