Slow Metabolism

Hello! Any tips to fix slow metabolism? I have signs of adrenal fatigue. Need to detox from copper, high calcium and magnesium, and other toxins I can write out in detail if anyone needs more info.


  • Karen GKaren G
    edited December 2014
    Build muscle! Burns more calories.
  • You might want to check out I have also slow metabolism due to longtime lowcarb dieting. Trying to combine the approach advocated on the site with the advantages of Bp, because I still need to shed weight. I take more carbs, like fruits and squash, proteins in the morning and at lunch, carbs at dinner. To compensate for the extra carbs, I take one meal with shirataki or konjac noodles. These are made of nondigestible fiber and have a positive influence on the gut bacteria. Sleep improves, as well as energy. Exercise is fine, but the timing as well as the kind you do depends on your stress levels. Again I refer to the site and the book.
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