Does It Have To Be Butter?

Hello everyone, I am a bit reluctant to ask this question, so please be patient with me.

Do I have to use butter in order to get the benefit of bulletproof coffee? Could it be coconut oil for example?

Also, how do the fats in butter differ from a heavy cream?

Thanks in advance.


  • Coconut oil is better than nothing, and certainly better than milk and sugar. Better than heavy cream too. 


    Without butter, you will miss out on fat soluble vitamins: K2, A in the usable form of retinol, D3, and other good stuff like butyrate and perhaps selenium. Improperly processed and sourced coconut oil has some issues with mold contamination and environmental impact. 


    Butter contains negligible amounts of dairy proteins, so only the most dairy-sensitive will have issues. Cream comes with dairy proteins that are problematic for many people and may also increase blood sugar, ruining the "fasting" effect of Bulletproof coffee. Unless it is organic/grass-fed, it will also contain hormones and antibiotics. 


    If you are OK with cream you are not vegan, so what's the issue with butter?

  • Thanks ACH85,

    I have been using coconut oil lately just because I have been having a problem sourcing some good quality grass-fed butter for a reasonable price.

    It has worked out just fine, was just curious as to the difference. Certainly see the benefits of the butter though.

    I am excited to find some good grass fed butter :)

  • It's not a bad idea to supplement anyway, but might be an even better idea if you can't find butter. Life Extension Super K & Super Selenium, Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil for retinol, and D3 (which should almost certainly be supplemented unless you surf or model bikinis outside all day.)


    But once you find a good source of grass fed butter it's nice to know you can put it in coffee, throw it on veggies, even on lean meats, and basically improve everything. 


    Plus, those same vitamins plus saturated fat and cholesterol (butter has both) increase sex hormones, which is fun. 


    It is more expensive than regular butter, but it is far from regular butter. 

  • I absolutely can't do butter, not even ghee (allergy plus extreme aversion), and brain octane plus coconut oil or even a little coconut cream have worked great with green tea and now with bulletproof coffee. I've never been a regular coffee drinker, often almost gag on coffee, so I'm testing the waters with BPC to see if the mold issue has been the culprit all along.

    If I "could" do butter, I probably would, because of the K2 and the MCTs if nothing else. I have a hard time making myself eat natto, not because I can't stand the texture but because it began life as soy, but K2 is a real issue...

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