Magnesium Oil Question

I received some basic info on the magnesium oil spray I have as far as amt of mag per unit from swansons:


"Upon speaking with a knowledgeable Product Specialist they informed us that the Swanson Ultra Magnesium oil Spray typically has 3320 milligrams elemental Magnesium per ounce or approx 500 milligrams per teaspoon. Knowing the amount you're spraying tells you nothing about what your skin will absorb. The skin has a unique ability to self-regulate absorption. As an example: though you may put 8 sprays on an area you may only absorb 4 sprays, there's not a lot of use in telling people what’s in a spray since they may not get that absorbed. Also, people's sprays are not consistent either; one persons spray may be 10 mg, another maybe 30 mg so would not be right to guess what a person may be spraying"


I sent a follow up question to see if they had any idea how much an average person would absorb transdermally vs an equal amount orally of citrate or malate, but I am not really expecting a valid response. So I'm asking here...


If I generally take 400-600mg of mag citrate at night orally...what kind of transdermal dosage should I be using either to replace oral, or to compliment it. Or should I be using another form vs the oil...or a better brand? And is there a benefit of using both vs just one or the other?

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