Hello lovely forum members.

A quick one, I have been following the protocol for 35 days, but the past three I have had shocking headaches. Anyone else have the same? I just find it strange when I was in such a groove, and now am struggling!


Any tips or tricks from my fellow fasters?




  • bp intermittent fasting protocol? are you actually following the protocol or a personal version .?.

  • Hey tim,

    The protocol! Except I had been travelling and forgot my salt! Had a few good tablespoons last night and feel better today.
  • Karen GKaren G
    edited December 2014
    Salt. You answered your own question!
  • I have been suffering similarly.  Should I increase my salt consumption?  I will try that tomorrow.  I've been doing BPIF for about 4 weeks (give or take, and with occasional breaks) but about a week ago I started getting a terrible headache each day.  Such a bad headache that my day is ruined by it.  I don't tend to get headaches in general, this is unusual for me.  I tried ordering Upgraded coffee thinking maybe it was my coffee, but it's still the same.


    I'll try doing the tsp of salt in water before getting out of bed tomorrow and see if it makes any difference.

  • Clemecy - did the night time salt help with the headaches?  I tend to be headache prone.  They've gone away since I've been doing the BP diet. I do the pink salt in the mornings and was curious if I should add a dose at night, or change my dose to night time. 

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