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I am halfway through graduate school in becoming a doctor of chiropractic and for the past few years of my life I have been so interested with health. Supplementation, diets, improving general health and so one have been something not only I suggest to others but (like Dave Asprey) I've tried on myself to see firsthand their significance. A year or so ago I tried the juice fasting for 2 months and it worked for me. I’m not here to debate weather or not juice fasting is good or bad but I lost a lot of weight on it and hit a wall. It seemed no matter how much I exercised or ate correctly the weight just seemed to not come off give or take a few pound here and there. Until just a few weeks ago I came across bulletproof coffee and the whole butter diet theory. I've done a bit of research on it and it seems like a ton of people are losing weight (as well as getting healthier in other ways) on eating a higher fat diet (grass fed butter of course).


Anyway, my question to anyone is whether or not (with the above information) drinking bulletproof coffee with its butter and MCT oil will be my way of getting over my hump I have plateaued on over the years. Also if there’s any suggestions nutritionally or recipes anyone can share for meals it would be nice to share in conjunction with the bulletproof coffee ill be drinking. (Still waiting on my bulletproof coffee/mct oil to ship to my house)


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    Welcome to the forums, Adam.


    We must remember that the rapid fat loss protocol is not something that Dave recommends.  It was something that one of his coaching clients tried a long time ago.  It worked, he thought it was interesting, and he wrote a blog about it to share with others.


    I would approach this from a different angle.  What does your thyroid panel look like?  You are probably under a lot of stress in school.  Have you worked with an endocrinologist to see if your endocrine system is doing what it is supposed to?  A 23andMe and uBiome test could give you some valuable information as well.


    Diet, exercise, and supplements can do a lot for your body, but it is good to know your starting point before you develop your strategy.

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