How Much Bulletproof Coffee Is Too Much? (And Butter...)



  • I see.  It ONLY allows you to not be hungry and have stable energy the whole time.  That is ONLY a miraculous result for most people.  If that is just another day in your life then you are blessed - go invent something awesome.


    How much MCT are you using in the coffee?  For me, this is the primary determinant of how turned on I feel in the morning.  If your MCT isn't optimized, then you're not getting the most out of the BPC (or you're shitting yourself).  The sweet spot is where I feel super alert.  

  • I usually don't measure my MCT, just a small glug, definitely not less than 2 tbsp, but with the amount of coffee I make it's probably quite diluted.


    What's a sweet spot for you? 2 tbsp per 0.5L?

  • For MCT, I'm using 3-4 tbsps but I started with 1/2 a tsp back in July.

  • Thanks for the info Garret.  I too have noticed that my normal 'pre bulletproof' morning coffee dose now feels like too much.  I used to wake up and have 3-4 cups plus between 5am and 10am, no big deal.  Now it is a different story.  That coffee hits a lot more effectively now.


    I really feel like this effect is a combo of a couple of things for me.  One is that the book mentioned fat helping our body utilize the caffeine more efficiently; second it may be because, due to not eating toxin laden food, our intestines do not have the mucus lining it used to have so our intestines are working a bit more effectively in absorbing the caffeine.  It seems to make sense to me also because I can't think of any other way I could eat 1/4 of what I was before and not feel like I'm starving.  Combined with the satiation from the fat, my digestive tract must be getting more efficient at getting the required nutrition out of the higher quality food I am eating.  Maybe I'm speculating a bit here, but this seems to make sense to me.


    I'll implement the morning salt a little more consistently and the way you have described; while also reducing the amount of BP coffee and increasing the amount of butter in the smaller dose.  Hopefully this will take the edge off.


    take care.

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