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  • I am also new to the BP diet. Do you guys take the 10 supplements that Dave recommends for everyone? I just started taking them, but they make me really sick to my stomach-- to the point where I throw up roughly 10 minutes after taking them in the morning. Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? I got the brands recommended by Dave and they seem to be high quality. Any help would be appreciated! 


    I take them, yes. You should not take things that make you puke. There is also a time listed for each supplement, for example magnesium is before bed, so it might be an issue if you take them all at once. Also, if you are allergic go shellfish, krill is a no-go. 


    I would stop taking them and re-introduce them one at a time, in the hopes of isolating one that's causing problems. For example take only vitamin D in the morning for a few days, and if that's OK, then add magnesium before bed for a few days, etc. etc. 

  • Sorry for the delayed response...i drifted away from the BP diet a little before the holidays due to sickness and am back on it today. Will follow up with results.

  • Kat:  I agree with ACH85.  I would also ask whether or not you are taking your supplements with food.  It may be a good idea to mix the bulk of your stuff in with your meals.  I am in the habit of taking a majority of the vitamins (the ones the book says can be taken any time) before I eat.  Then I follow by starting my meal within a minute or two after.  You can even take a vitamin and then take a bite to help wash it down.


    Sorry to hear about this, I hope you get better results with the tweaks suggested here.


    Take care.

  • Kat sorry to hear about your experience as well hopefully it will get better with the suggested tweaks.


    I have been back on the BP diet for a week and having doing very well. No headaches at all this time around. I do notice that 1 cup of BPC does not last me till my meal 1-2PM. I usaully have 1 cup of BPC with 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons MTC oil around 7-7:30 and then around 11 i usually will have another one to get me to my meal. I have been drinking alot of water as well to help keep me filled up. I know Dave says we can drink as much BPC as we need during the fast but was just curious as to who else drinks 2 cups or more per day?


    Thanks everyone.

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    AJ - I've been experimenting with the same thing.  I have a little bit different schedule.  I usually have my first cup around 6am.  Then another by 10am.  I was having three in that same time period but it felt like too much, and gave me a bit of anxiety.


    Before bulletproof, I would have to slam 3-4 cups of sugary creamy coffee in that same time period just get flush on my day, and then keep on with tea throughout the day.  Now, these two cups do me right and I am set for the day.  After a couple of weeks, I also added in L-theanine, BP unfair advantage, and the BP aging formula in the mornings; and this combo with the AM vitamins really seems to be working for me.  The theanine takes the edge off the coffee.  Do some research you'll find it is recommended as a great combo with coffee.


    I use the same recipe with two tbs of butter, two tbs of MCT brain octane, but I am adding two tbs of cacao.  this is a very satisfying morning drink, and I have no problems making my 18 hour daily fast.


    I may start adding one more serving of BP coffee in the 1-2pm range to help if I plan on activities later in the afternoon or early evening.  It seems to help if you spread it out with 3-4 hours gap between servings.


    If you love the coffee and don't want the extra caffeine push, maybe the decaf would be something to try.  I've ordered a bag for those occasions, I'll try to check back in and let you know how it is. 


    Good luck AJ!


    take care.

  • @Scott S im glad to see i am not the only one who was drinking more then cup per day. I actually found a thread on the forum and i see most people drink around 2 maybe 3 cups per day. I Think it really depends on you as everyone is different. I was concerned about the calorie intake at first since each cup is roughly 400 calories but since i have alot of weight to lose it doesnt seem to hinder my weight loss at all as this week i have successfully lost 1 pound per day. Although it was my first week back and most likely water weight i will continue to monitor it and see if having the extra cups of coffee affects the results.  Good luck to you as well!



  • Al, thanks for the kind words.  Since this post I have taken to spreading out my servings of coffee by 3-4 hours.  This way I can enjoy a cup at 6am, 10am, and 1 or 2pm.  It seems to be working pretty good.  Since I love the BP coffee so much, I'm also going to give the decaf a whirl.


    Congrats on your weight loss, don't forget to protein fast every 7 days.  I skipped mine and stopped losing weight.  When I worked the protein fast back into my routine, the weight loss resumed.  google the topic, Dave has a very good blog on this. See my other posts for more.


    take care!

  • Hey Scott...thanks for the info regarding the protein fast. I did not do one last week. I will try to do one this week.  What do you normally eat during your protein fast? the morning is quite easy as you just have the bulletproof coffee. For lunch i was thinking some white rice avocado and butter.


    Also back to the coffee subject i have only been drinking one cup a day the past few days and when i noticed i needed something a little extra i would eat 1tbsp of butter and that satisfied me. I bought some coconut oil which i have been putting on some of my food as well and will try eating a tbsp of that when i feel the need to have something during my morning fast since. I maybe weird i actually enjoy the taste of it.


    All the best,


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    I've settled on two things for my starch.  Good quality white rice and organic sweet potatoes.  For the rice you must be careful, because consumer reports recently released an article concerning white rice and arsenic levels being very dangerous.  A quick search on the internet will give you more information.  Anyway, you'll want to source California white rice which was found to have the least arsenic and is safest, I use Lundberg's white basmati.  I couldn't find any local, so I ordered a 6 pack of bags from Amazon.  Don't forget to rinse and soak the rice, add one tbs of grass fed butter when you cook it .  For the sweet potatoes, make sure to get organic, wash them good and peel them.  I found a great recipe where I saute sliced or julienne in coconut MCT oil (Natures way extra virgin organic), before putting them in I toss the rinsed pieces in celtic salt and organic turmeric.  I saute them until golden brown, turning them frequently.


    Also don't forget to do a carb recharge day too.  This is where you eat an excess of carbs in your evening meal, for instance 3 cups of rice instead of one.  This keeps your body fueled and lets the 'Labrador brain' know you are not starving.


    So you have two really good meals of an ideal starch, one rice plus green zone veggies, and one sweet potato with more green zone veggies.  Dave says you can snack if you want with fruit, although I would eat it toward the end of the eating timeframe.  I eat at noon and 6pm, and a couple of snacks in between.


    Yes, I know what you mean about the butter.  I enjoy it on my food no doubt.  But Dave mentions in the book that it does not have the same effect if you just eat it.  There is something about putting it in the blender and macerating it that makes it more effective in satisfying you.  I've got a simple thermos and I make extra BP coffee and take it with me.  But you can substitute tea for coffee, and even use a caffeine free tea such as mint or tulsi instead of the coffee.  I've blended up some pretty good caffeine free drinks with tea, butter, MCT, and cacao butter; I also add a dash of cinnamon.


    If you read through the book quickly at first, like I did.  It really helped me to go back and reread it, typing up a few brief notes as I went.  This method really helped me to solidify the plan and put it into action effectively.  Then I always come back to these forums for specific questions.  Remember, we are learning as we go and tweaking things specifically for us because we are all different.


    keep up the good work, enjoy!

  • Thanks for all that great info. Will keep you posted on progress

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