Switching From Vendors

I tried to look for the answer before posting. My question is, If you been taking any nootropic from a certain vendor and you decided to try other company nootropics should you wait about 1 week to be off of it or does it really matter if you just do the switch? 


I am asking because I been using a certain vendor for a couple months now but wanted to try other vendor and see if the nootropics feel the same. I read that some times certain company are better then others. 


Thanks for any feedback.


  • I just ordered some Piracetam from Powder City, but my past experience was with Smart Drugs For Thought and I feel as if their product worked for me better, but I'm not sure yet as I've only tried this new one for a couple of days. If any one works for SDFT here, I suggest you guys start carrying bulk powders instead of all pill form, as convenient as they are, dissolving in water works better I beleive.


    My suggestion is if something is working, don't change vendors, rather buy more from that particular company so you have a surplus of the good stuff. Also shipping is different across vendors and sometimes it can take twice as long to get your product, and I personally rather not play around with time.


    Good luck.

  • Powder City are a great vendor (and highly commended on r/nootropics as well). I've had all of my inquiries answered promptly as well and CoA's are available too.

  • Yeah I have same concerns with nootropics like what vendors sell nice batches.  :P

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. I did go with Powder City to see how their nootropics are... I had other vendor that I been for about 8 months now buying there stuff. Just wanted to try something new and see if I had the same affect. I think on sunday I will begin with Powder City ones.


    Thanks once again.

  • Well after receiving all my nootropics i was very surprise on how they looked. I notice the piracetam was a little bit different from the other vender i bought it from. Some thing are different. I started on Sat night and stayed up until 3am .. Don't know if that was the nootropics or it was the coffee with the nootripics i took. All i know it feel okay ... 


    We will see how things go this week with the new supplements. Will keep you guys updated. 



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