Optimal Body Weight Workout?

This year I have been doing only body weight exercises. I'd like to keep doing so, but I want to reduce the time required. It would be great to exercise once a week or less frequently, as Dave tells.


Now I am following the Primal Blueprint fitness, with pushups, squats, pullups and planks. Excercise are varied while I get stronger. The problem is it takes an hour to do all of them and Mark Sisson suggests to do them twice a week.


Any suggestion on how to reduce the time and the frequency but keep the results?


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    *EDIT* After reading the subject and realizing you want an optimal BODY workout, I have retracted my previous statement and submit a new one as follows.


    Have you looked into MovNat?


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    Convict Conditioning is good, too, but you need a pullup bar for that. Or access to a playground and time to get there.

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  • Sorry, I completely forgot this thread. Thanks for the info.

    Do you have some more links to workouts online that you either tried or know they're good?

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