Hunger After Bulletproof Coffee

Hi, i'm new to the bp diet. I'm female, 65 and suffering from autoimmune problems. I have been following Sarah Ballantyne's Autoimmune Paleo diet. I also followed Terry Wahls protocol. While helpful with the autoimmune problems, I failed to loose weight with both. Now I try this. But after drinking my mug of bp coffee, my body responds with hunger pangs. Leaving out the stevia makes no difference. Anybody recognizes this or might there be an explanation?

I try to postpone my first meal as long as possible. I eat appriximately 1200-1800 calories a day, ca 85% fat in 2 meals. If I drink tea in the morning, the hunger starts later on, so I'm inclined to postpone the coffee till noon.


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    Try some protein with your Bulletproof coffee. 

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    One eats when they're hungry, stops when they're no longer hungry. :P

  • You miss the point. Bp coffee is supposed to suppress hunger, not invoke it, which it does. Adding protein won't help, because of gluconeogenesis and insulin spike. During sleep the body is in fat burning mode. Breaking the fast turns the switch. If I just drink my black tea, not spiked up with butter and mct, hunger takes longer to kick in.
  • If I get hungry again in the morning, I'll have a 2nd cup of BP coffee.  LOVE that stuff!!!    We are all so different, Maureen.  I followed Skye St John's version of the BP diet since she tweaked it for women.  It took me a few days to get it right for me, but, once I did, it all switched on.  I hope you find a solution.  If the tea is better for you, than BP tea in the morning with a 2nd cup later in the morning. 

  • Thank you. I'll try bp tea tomorrow. If that also triggers hunger, I'll leave out the mct oil, and susequently the butter.

    It might be the coffein, which is known to have an immediate effect on the sympathetic nervous system. Who knows what switches we haven't identified yet.
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    Maybe you should be a bit more blind to details. By all means, have it your way, but,yeah,  "blindness", with a pinch of salt, is underrated, I know people who have to, believe it or not, worry more about details and trust me, these are people who are freakin blind! Not visually, but "spiritually". Theyll get inte a car with a drunk driver, didnt notice anything even though the bottles are on the passenger seat they sat down on, you know,  they'll lumber down a street into a cutthroat neighbourhood just making friends, not suspecting anything the lions that might be in the grass. You NOTICE DETAIL Thats great, you're not gonna wander into compton. but the opposite of that is being more blind to details. Dude, its great. I float through my day like a ghandi on weed. Ppl freekin love me.

  • Here are the basic five rules of improv, tell your friends about it and then live by it religiously. Yeah, you'll loose a job or two, but life is meant to be lived.

  • Perhaps your body needs more fat? Try increasing the amount of butter you are using. Is it grass-fed?


    Your body could be asking for more nourishment from the butter and MCT. I'm preaching to the choir here but butter is supremely nutrient dense, so perhaps your cells are telling your brain, Hey! We need more this isn't enough! Where has this been for all these years!?

  • I use 1 tablespoon of Kerrygold and one tablespoon of coconut oil.   99% of the time I drink TWO large cups between 6:30am and 8am and do not feel hunger until 1-3pm.  On the 1% of the days I only drink one cup, I get hungry around 11am.

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  • I tested the next morning subsequently: black tea, black tea with butter, no hunger. Next black tea with butter and a little bit of MCT oil. Bingo! I ignored the hunger till it subsided, then I took coffee with butter, no hunger. So I took my full bpc at lunch.

    Just read Ray Peat's excellent article on coconut oil on his blog Coconut oil in all cited experiments increases metabolic rate. Polyunsaturated fats, on the other hand, slow down your metabolism. They can remain in your body for up to 6 years. Ray Peat started to use coconut oil 4 years after he had quit the use of pufas entirely. Much to his surprise he experienced an immediate raise in heart rate, which he interprets as a rise in metabolism (yes, it can mean different things, a rise in cortisol also raises your heart rate). It could be that my hunger response to coconut oil is similar in nature, although my pulse remained constant. New to me was Ray Peat's very convincing debunking of the prevailing notion that fish oil is good for you. He is an endocrinologist with a lot of specific expertise, whereas I'm only a biologist with environmental health expertise. Until my response to coconut oil fades out, I'll save it of lunch and later.

    Well, that removes the need for hard to obtain grass-fed butter. In my country, the Netherlands, injecting cows with hormones to boost milk production is forbidden, as are GMO's. I prefer to buy organic butter.
  • Forgot to mention that hunger, when invoked by ghrelin, is a good thing. Ghrelin boosts production of growth hormone, fat mobilisation and anti-inflammatory pathways. Prolonged hunger however increases stress and lowers your metabolism.
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