Achieve Coherence Using Iphone Apps

Halo all! I'm pretty new in this area. Hope can get some guidance from you guys.

Recently, I'm wish to reduce my stress, and achieve coherence. I came across 2 apps, which may help me to achieve my objective. After some reading and looking at their videos, I realize they are using 2 different methods. - It uses a fixed breathing pace, say 10 seconds for a breathing cycle. We just need to breath according to this constant pace, in order to achieve coherence. But one thing puzzles me, what is the fixed breathing pace I should use? - It doesn't come with a fixed breathing pace. Instead, it encourages the user to breath according to current beat-to-beat heart rate, in order to achieve coherence.

I believe both are workable methods, as I can see both apps are having good ratings from users. However, I would like to know which is the most effective method? Had anyone of you try any of those methods?

Thanks a lot!


p/s I haven't got an iPhone yet. Just would like to figure it first before I start one of the apps purchasing.


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