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I've been curious to find what other opinions are for what I'm looking to achieve in an athletic diet and overall performance. You can also share your story as well. About me:


  • I weigh around 165 lbs. About a month into full commitment of BP intermittent fasting every day and haven't measured my body fat, but guessing it has improved from 10-12% to about 8%
  • I play soccer regularly (2-3x each week). I also go to the gym (2-3x each week) following Tim Ferriss' Effortless Superhuman protocol:
  • I've been following Ferriss's protocol since September and started deadlifting 175lbs and benching 155lbs up to 325 dl and 190 bp. I took a 2 or 3 week break but just started back 2 or 3 weeks ago and currently have 305 dl and 180 bp
  • Diet consists of gf beef or wild caught salmon and 3-6 eggs each day. I make sure to get at least 100 g of protein in each day. Veggies with butter until I'm full. One serving of rice for carbs each night and one extra on training day (I love rice pudding with coconut milk)
  • For supplements, I have never been fully informed on them, which is why I don't take much. Just magnesium mixed with honey and brain octane (tastes like soda) before bed. The whey I have already is not BP, so not taking that anymore. I am currently experimenting with oxiracetam, so no coffee lately. I also started eating 4 ounces of beef liver each week.


I am looking to stay the same weight, which has been working. The protocol seems to keep working, but I haven't felt as strong as my previous max (could obviously be the break I took or not enough protein or carbs). I am looking to be as lean and cut as possible, maximizing strength. I'm curious what your thoughts are--is BP intermittent fasting a good tactic for athletes? What are your thoughts on diet? Supplements? I'm going to ask my doctor to get a blood test for me next week so I can better understand what I need for my body.  


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