My Biohacking Results So Far

Hello all,


   I wanted to post my personal biohacking results because this forum, as well as, Longecity and other sites has helped me achieve something of a small miracle.


   Background, use to sleep the standard 8 hours at night with naps some days, felt like a zombie almost all the time. Totally unmotivated to do most things, and literally had to force myself to just stand up most of the time.


   As of last week, I started a new schedule at work that basically only allows me to sleep for 4.5 hrs max at night (3 sleep cycles), and I get one 20 minute nap in the afternoon. I was a zombie last week, but this week I have had insane amounts of energy. Here is what I have been doing to achieve this:


  • BPC every morning
    • 1 cup of water with
    • Two scoops of Upgraded Ground Coffee brewed in a standard coffee pot
    • 1 tablespoon of Kerrygold Butter
    • 1 tablespoon of MCT Oil


  • Intermittent Fasting Monday - Friday
    • Start Sunday at 10pm - end Monday at 10:30am = 12.5 hours
    • Start Monday at 10pm - end Tuesday 3:30pm = 17.5 hours
    • Start Tuesday at 10pm - end Wednesday 10:30am = 12.5 hours
    • Start Wednesday 10pm - end Thursday 3:30pm = 17.5 hours
    • Start Thursday 10pm - end Friday 3:30pm = 17.5 hours


  • Lostfalco's TULIP
    • 2 nights of 26 minutes of red LED light to the head and 1 night off
    • 10mg PQQ + 100mg COQ10 + 100mg Shilajat every morning


  • Sleep Cycle app wakes me up during light sleep and not deep sleep


  • 4 table spoons of Unmodified Potato Starch every morning


  • 3 forms of probiotics taken with Unmodified Potato Starch every morning
    • Prescript-Assist
    • AOR Probiotic-3
    • Primal Defense Ultra


  • 600mg Magnesium Malate every night before bed


  • 1/2 teaspoon of Potassium Citrate before bed


  • 1 capsule of Source Natural's Optizinc before bed


  • 1 drop of Lugol's Iodine every morning


  • 500mg of ALCAR every moorning


  • 1 capsule of Thorne's Basic B Complex every morning


  • 1000mg of Vitamin C every morning


  • 200mcg of Selenium every morning


  • 5000 IU of Vitamin D-3 every morning


  • 1 tablespoon of Liquid Fish Oil every morning


  • Diet
    • SAD (Standard American Diet) because I am too cheap to pay for a better diet =p
    • I have almost cut out bread, except when we go to a restaurant, but I still eat almost all other forms of Standard American Diet carbs (pasta, tortillas, more pasta)


    Just to give you a qualitative assessment of the way I feel in contrast with the past:


A year ago: 8 hours of sleep per night and sometimes a nap, no biohacking, zombie all day

6 months ago: 6 hours of sleep per night and no naps, a little biohacking, felt 50% better

Last week: 4.5 hours of sleep per night and a 20 minute nap, 80% of the biohacks I do this week, felt like a zombie all day

This week: 4.5 hours of sleep per night and a 20 minute nap, all the biohacks listed, feel like I am about to have an energygasm 20 minutes after waking up and feel energized all day with little to no fatigue


   This is a life changing transformation, and I feel I have only begun to biohack.


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    Thanks for sharing.

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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  • Thanks for sharing. You seem to have some pretty specific things (magnesium malate) you are taking and others I have not heard of so it is apparent that you have done considerable research. I take zinc and magnesium but I usually take them separately (zinc in the morning) and magnesium (in the day and at night) since they compete with regards to absorption.


    May I ask what is the purpose of taking modified potato starch? If you are taking it, doesn't that mean you aren't really fasting at all? Did you start all of these at once, or one at a time? If you sarted them seaparately which do you think gave you the base gain in energy?


    Thanks again for the detailed list with intervals ad dosages (which are often lacking here and elsewhere on the web).

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