Confusion On Carb Re-Feed

Hello, fellow Bulletproofers!  I'm new to this program, and I am excited there's a women's group here.  I'm mostly through Dave's book, but I have already finished Skye St. John's book.  I know that Skye has written her book to address the specific needs of women, but, I'm confused with "protein fasting" and "carb re-feeding".  The way *I* understand this, and I might be misinterpreting it, Dave says that you protein fast along with your day of carb-refeeding, keeping your protein grams low, but, Skye seems to advocate eating your normal protein amount, along with adding in approved carbs?  What is correct for women; the protein fast/carb re-feed, or just upping your carbs twice a week?  Also, if anyone responding would PLEASE post their typical carb re-feed day menu as well their typical protein fast menu, I'd REALLY appreciate it.  Thanx!



  • Hi Natrock - do some searching for this one (your question about protein fasting on re-feed days). Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you... there seem to be some very different opinions on this, but it's come up a few times relatively recently so at least you can catch up.

    You'll find lots of re-feed menus on the NFFBW thread.



  • Thanx, Musicmama; I will check out the NFFBW thread.  It may just be a "try and see" approach what works best for me, as I have some inflammatory-related health problems.  I didn't know if there was something I was missing.

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