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Hi everyone, first-time poster here. I've searched through the forums & am hoping I'm not repeating an existing topic. :) I've seen posts regarding breakfasts and snacks for kids, and dinner seems simple enough to double & share- but nothing specific to packed lunches?

I'm looking for packed lunch ideas for school-aged kids. I have 7-year old twins, and would like to slowly transition them to a more BP diet. I don't mind some less-BP choices here, but would like to move away from some of the "worse" options like sandwiches with conventional bread & lunch meat, juice boxes, snack bars, and processed fruit snacks! Since my husband and I both work... I am also hoping for simple! (I know, I know... seems impossible??)

Ideas, other than dinner leftovers? (since my husband and I usually snatch those up!)


  • We have a couple "kid sized" Thermos that we send Bp food in (soups, leftovers, etc.), and they are still pretty warm by our kids' lunch times. This has been the easiest/simplest thing to do for our 8 and 6 year old boys.


    I'm always looking for ideas in this area, though, so thanks for starting this discussion. 

  • Meat-on-meat rollups - Roll some sliced roast beef (grass fed is implied) around sausage sticks you can bake from ground pork, paprika, and salt. A pound of the sausage sticks lasts my kids (5, 7, 8, and 10) around a week, if they don't snack on them at home.

    Finger veggies galore - my kids get carrots and celery in every lunch, and sometimes get broccoli and cucumber slices. If they'd eat them, I'd also include julienne bell peppers, but they don't...

    Homemade finger "Jello" - blend raspberries and/or blueberries and mix with some grass-fed gelatin.


    Hope these help-


  • I don't have children but I often pack lunches on the go and some that would fit a child would be filling a bento box of BP goodies. I make sushi without rice and rolled with cucumber and avocado. Using a thermos for soup and BP hot cocoa. Another kid friendly lunch would be tacos with romaine or iceberg as tortillas. Yum!
  • Gcarlet, BKPT, I'd nearly forgotten about a Thermos option for warm lunches- I'd like that myself! And now, I'm suddenly craving some BP tacos! :)

    B_Mags, I'll have to look up sausage sticks- that sounds like a serious winner in my house, but I have not done that before! Also, great Jello idea!

    I'll share some of our favorites as well- they're not BP, but a step in the right direction. :) Lunch meat and cheese roll ups, sausages, baby carrots, fruit, yogurt... I'm going to try some Mary's Gone Crackers with meat & cheese or nut butter. (Things like gluten-tastic bread, pasta, snack bars, cereal - are getting the boot!)

    I've been loosely Paleo for about a year- when I discovered that I have Celiac Disease, overhauled my diet, and couldn't believe how fantastic I felt. But converting the husband and kids has been significantly more challenging...! That bread/pasta and sugar is like crack... :/
  • I often make sushi for my three kids. If anything the teachers think it's pretty cool.
  • One of my favourite take anywhere lunches is thinly sliced beef wrapped around cooked asparagus spears.  If the kids like zesty, you could dress it with homemade mayo and include kosher pickle spears.

  • I'm also new to BP. And I have 2 boys aged 9 and almost 11. I know sweet peppers are nightshade, and not recommended to for - saying that, I have made my kids some stuffed peppers for school - filled with mince mixed with veg/chicken/fish. 


    also started getting my kids used to salads in tupperware with spoon packed separate - and loads of vege options, esp cucumber, snap peas, I do include tomatoes and chinese cabbage - I know we supposed to cook the cabbage - chinese cabbage so crisp and juicy, my one son LOVES it. Also include a few nuts.

  • I have an issue - one of our sons goes to a school that does not allow meat or nuts in lunches- how in heck do I pack BP??? I give him fruits and veggies and hard boiled eggs but he will only eat the whites and only sometimes. 

  • I have an issue - one of our sons goes to a school that does not allow meat or nuts in lunches- how in heck do I pack BP??? I give him fruits and veggies and hard boiled eggs but he will only eat the whites and only sometimes. 

    No meat in lunches? I think that's pretty messed up. Well anyway, you would probably want to emulate the meat as much as possible. Bulletproof whey is a must. Whey protein shakes taste really good and shouldnt be hard for kids to drink. Meat is high in Iron and Zinc. Iron is high in spinach, and its most bioavailable when its cook. This is the hard part because you know how kids LOVE spinach. If your kid likes spinach your in luck. Iron is even more absorbed taken with vitamin c. Also zinc, b complex supplement these minerals/vitamins are high in meat.

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    The ban on meat is draconian, but just pack whatever BP foods he's willing to eat. When he comes home you can make up for the lack of lunch-time meat with some meat at dinner. Being a vegetarian for one meal a day isn't a bad thing, IMO.

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  • got no children.


    - Almond/Cashew/Peanutbutter

    - almonds

    - Dark Chocolate

    - butter


    just dip the chocolate in any kind of butter or combine it and you can also snack almonds with it


    also possible but the other kids will hate you

    - smoked salmon or any kind of fish

    - with or without avocado



    for drinks, coconut milk + some premade tea (your choice)

  • I do Van's Gluten free crackers with a lot of butter and make little cracker sandwiches. I use gluten free bread or sprouted grain and do almond butter, butter, and honey sandwiches.  These are options for my 7 year old (adopted..have had her 16 months).  She started life with horrible nutrition so her taste buds are very picky.  These options are always a winner.  Still working on more variety and veggies.  Can't get her to eat any veggies.  We do juice two times a week.

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    Its kinda hard, especially when you can't use nuts and your kids are picky. My kids (8 & 11) don't mind the same thing every day and they don't eat much. Most of the time they have roast chicken (cooked on the weekend)/ham, carrot, cucumber, cheese and cherry tomatoes. I know the cheese isn't the best but its the only fat I can include they will eat. They get fruit and a few squares of good chocolate for morning tea. Some times I will make sushi or rice paper rolls. Bliss balls are good if your children will eat them, you can make them with sunflower seeds to avoid nuts. My kids wont eat eggs which is a pain.

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