Any Women Have Successful Weightloss



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    Are you in ketosis or do you know how many grams of carbs you consume through the day?

    Number of carbs?  Around 50-60 MAX.  Today, my carb was an apple; around 25 carbs.  Oh, and a few more carbs I got from vegetables.  I really have stuck to good fat/oils, protein, veggies, and then a bit of fruit... in that order.  (I could eat tons of fruit, so I have to watch it.)


    I have not gotten on the scale, even when I started; didn't want to be discouraged if I gained.  And anyway, what do I care what I weigh?  I do care how my clothes fit.  If I gain a few pounds, but lose inches.... that is just fine.  Yes; I believe I have been in ketosis.  I have the metal taste in my mouth, and some of the other side effects.  It is a S-L-O-W way to lose weight, but if it stays off, that is all I care about.  That, and the fact it is healthy and I can LIVE on it.


    It has been 2 weeks for me, and yes; my pants are baggier; especially in the waist.  Am gonna stick with this!  And I LOVE the BP coffee.  Really great and filling.  Makes the IF easy to do.

  • 2 weeks? Please be patient.

    And try to stay under 50g of carbs. If you loose the fruit it will go faster for you. Don't forget the refeed days.
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  • I need to be patient too :) 

    I just posted a new thread, I'm new here, and now I've been reading this one. Female trying to lose fat as well.

    Only 4 days in  :oops:


    How often should I try a carb re-feed, as a female trying to lose excess fat? And what would be best... a full out cheat like in the 4HB? Or strictly clean carbs, low fat?

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    HI everyone,


    I am new to this forum.  I am overweight and really want to release a minimum of 30lbs.  I am really excited about BP coffee.  I was in the middle of a round of HCG (I was desperate).  I decided to jump ship and completely switch gears.  After struggling with HCG I realized the IF would not be too difficult.  So I did my first day of IF yesterday.  It went so well I did it again today with the help of my BP coffee. I mis-read the instructions for the IF.  I thought I was suppose to fast from 8pm until 5pm.  I made it through although I was a total "B" on wheels by the end of the day.  For the most part I have to say I liked how I felt and want to do the IF BP diet.  However, I have a couple of questions:


    1. What is the regiment Dan Creedon is referring to (his comment is under the what people are saying forum)?  I know he is an athlete but I just want to know if he is referring to the BP diet? He mentioned a re-feed day and I have not seen anything about that and wondered if there a was a different diet that I had not yet seen.


    2.  Also I am curious, how can I access a sample IF diet meal plan?  I ask because I am trying to make the transformation from the low calorie diet and I just can't imagine how much I should be eating.  I am 213lbs at 5'6 with a small bone structure (my ring finger is a size 5) but I think aside from the bad food choices I have never consumed enough food.  If I am following the IF BP diet about how many calories should I be consuming during my feeding window?  Yesterday I ate a chicken breast and wing, some asparagus and about 2 tblspns of homemade guacamole and felt like a fat rat! That was all I ate and then went back on my fast. 


    3.  How much good fats should I consume in my BP coffee (how much MCT oil, how much grass fed butter)? 


    4.  Also Is coconut oil permissible during the fast? Can I substitute half of the grass fed butter for coconut oil in my BP coffee?   I am not allergic to dairy but occasionally too much of it and we aren’t on friendly terms (I prefer the butter over the ghee, it’s easier to access). 


    5.   Can I do a combnation of IF diet and rapid weight loss protocol? 


    6.  Lastly I find it difficult to always get the organic proteins listed on the diet and I have to be conscientious of my grocery budget, coupled with the fact that I am a chicken eater can I still get results consuming more chicken and fish? 


    Any guidance any of you can provide would be most appreciated.  I am trying to reduce my weight because of the pain in my knees from dragging this wagon (uuugg).  Plus I want to get visible results so that I can convince my identical twin sister and my father that that this plan is one they should seriously consider.  I want my sister to see that the IF with the help of BP is do-able for women and that this plan is far superior (with physical, emotional, and mental satisfaction) when compared to the low cal angry/hungry plan that I have been oh so miserable on.   

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.  I look forward to becoming bulletproof like the rest of you. 

    "Princess" EmmaLea


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    Thank you Jason.  I will try your suggestion.  May I ask the plan you suggested is this the eating regiment I should use for BP IF? 


     I finshed my third day of IF and really hope this is going to work for me becasue I like it.  It adds simplistity and focus to my day.  It is so nice not to have to worry what I am going to eat for breakfast. 


     I am used to weighing my self everyday.  I did not exspect to see any weight lose and didn't I have remained steady at 213 but I have to comment on the fact that the fat on my stomach does not feel as dense.  I also noticed when I lay on my back my stomach has a small concave.  It used to be much fluffier, and my thighs do not seem to be singing the "me first" song as I walk.  They appear a little deflated .  I know its a small thing but I am trying to take note of the small changes and use those as motivators and not the just the scale. 

  • Thought I'd give a 1 week update. Been drinking BP coffee in the AM and not eating until usually around 1pm give or take, later some days.


    Down 1" on waist, 1/2" on each thigh at largest, no change on hips


    After 5 days I ate a bunch of carbs between 4-7pm one evening, otherwise have been under 50g carbs. Not counting calories, estimated around 21-2400 per day mostly fats and protein, lots of nonstarchy veg.


    I do basic strength training routines at home, with my 2 10lb dumbbells and stuff like ballet barre/pilates type bodyweight things. Been to the gym 3x to do my beginner version of HIIT on the elliptical (I just like working up a sweat and feeling like my heart might explode) 


    I think if I actively restricted calories I could drop more fat at a faster rate. But I don't like feeling hungry and I enjoy eating a really big dinner :)


    I'll measure again next Saturday and re-assess/adjust my diet at that point if I haven't seen any further reduction.


    I like drinking the coffee and I do use stevia some mornings in there with cinnamon, vanilla... It amazes me how I can get through the day so much better than before.


    Yesterday for example, I had 2 mugs of coffee in the morning, with only 1tbsp goat butter and about 2tbsp coconut oil total. I worked out hard at the gym for almost 40minutes, walked around the city with my kid and back home again (probably 3-4km total) kept my cool during a MAJOR tantrum in the middle of Chapters :), got us home and was not weak, dizzy, grumpy, starving --nothing. Ate a nice lunch of eggs and veg and some nuts and then looked forward to my big ol' dinner of ground venison curry & veg and a minty coconut bar for dessert. 


    I seem to be responding really well to the not eating (other than fat) for most of the day. Granted, it's only been 1 week, but I'm encouraged!

  • Hi,

    Im 50 years old and have done paleo for about a year, losing about 50 pounds in the process. I stalled, and found this bulletproof diet via one of the paleo blogs I read. I have been doing the BPIF for 4 days and have lost 4 pounds. I doubt its water weight because I've been eating so clean for a long time now. I love the coffee, and the biggest problem I have is actually eating enough calories because I'm so full after just one meal. At any rate, I'll keep you posted on my progress. Good luck!



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    Good evening all,

    Thank you Jason for your feedback it was very helpful.   So I started BP IF Tuesday 02/26/13 weighing 213.8. Today 03/02/13 the moment my feet hit the floor I knew I had released a few lbs.  I got on the scale and I was down to 210.2. 


    OMG!  I was so excited I was afraid my BP coffee would cause too much of a rush.  I am simply thrilled about 3.6lbs that is just awesome to me.  I probably could have had a bigger release but my husband took me to a Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner Tuesday.  It was my first BP IF day I thought I was supposed to fast until 5PM so needless to say I threw down!!! I did muster enough control to refrain from carbs and although it was not my favorite choice I had vinegar and oil oil in place of regular salad dressing.  I tried to eat clean but I know the restaurant food was not BP. 


    I am really enjoying the BP IF it seems like my body is really responding; actually my body seems to be thankful.  One thing I have noticed is I have not been sleeping as well as I would like to so I am going to take a look at the forum that addresses sleep and see what a adjustments I can make.  I have to be honest, I lead a very sedentary life.  I work full time and I am a full time student wrapping up my undergrad in two weeks and will start my graduate program at the end of April.  It is really motivational to see results with out the stress and discomfort of the typical diet regiment. 



    Normally do not care for social media for myself.  My husband loves facebook and keeps encouraging me to join.  But this forum I absolutely love.  I guess its because it is about something that I find interesting.


    Anyhow, I am on my way to becoming BP.  Have a great weekend all.

    "Princess" EmmaLea


  • I am really enjoying the BP IF it seems like my body is really responding; actually my body seems to be thankful.  One thing I have noticed is I have not been sleeping as well as I would like to so I am going to take a look at the forum that addresses sleep and see what a adjustments I can make. 


    I had a similar experience, with sleep. I got a bottle of Magnesium (citrate)150mg and I take 3 of those with lots of water before bed and I am sleeping WAY WAY better. You might have to tinker with the amount, some people experience loose bowel at different doses, 450mg seems to be my sweet spot :) Worth a try perhaps? 

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    Quick question, is seaweed allowed on the BP diet?  I ask because I had dehydrated seaweed and i heard that it is suppose to be healthy.


    Thanks in advance for any guidance anyone can offer.


    "Princess" EmmaLea

  • I have not had weight loss success with the BP diet or IF. I'm wearing all my fattest clothes and can't wait to get home to my sweatpants at the end of a long day. I initially lost 7 lbs JUST doing the butter coffee and nothing else. Impressed with those results I went full on bulletproof with IF. I then gained those 7 lbs back plus 2 or 3 more. On the plus side, my skin looks good. But I certainly haven't seen anything impressive in the fat burning area. I only weighed myself to quantify change. I really just want to look good, to feel good and not have to go buy another wardrobe because I'm popping out of my old one. Very disappointing. I know it works for guys. I've seen it work first hand. But no female I know has seen any significant or lasting results. I'm still determining what my next move will be but I've started to read about carb restriction and how bad that can be for some of us. So, it may be as simple as increasing my carbs. Good luck to all you women. Don't get frustrated. Just keep adjusting. Hopefully at some point we'll find the sweet spot.

  • Hi..

    Here i have a suggesion that how to loss weight, you can try green tea it help you in weight loss and no worry about diet. Green tea increase your enegy level and metabolism. It reduce the fat and make you slim and fit....thanks have a nice day

  • I am concerned about caffeine and adrenals. Most women suffer from adrenal fatigue. During one post, it was said to take salt and adrenal supplements, but how and when was not answered. Dr. Wilcox, who wrote one of the best books on adrenal fatigue, said that salt is needed for people who tend to have low blood pressure. I find when I take salt in water I feel much better. However, I'm sure Wilcox would have a fit regarding the caffeine. I am wondering if the butter and mct oil blunts the stress effect on the adrenals? If the adrenals are already stressed, and more stress is put on them with caffeine, followed by more stress of fasting, the body will hold on to weight.



    I'm 100% of the same mind on this - I think caffeine is insanely disruptive and penalizing on people with taxed adrenals. Now that I've spent a few decades focused on my health, I really notice how unhealthy a coffee-buzz feels on me. Yes, even with Dave's beans. I use his decaf beans, myself, and they are pretty great! 

  • HI,  I Just started on the BP diet a week ago. I am 56 and need to loose 50-60 lbs. I started off fast at first- 1/2 lb a day for 4 days, then nothing. 

     For the week only 2 lbs. I wk out  with weights one day, then  aerobics the next, alternating ( Body for Life work out) 6 days and rest on the 7th.

     My fitness pal says I should be eating  1200 cals a day, I have been tracking religiously! I have been having so much trouble loosing. I was hoping this diet would be it...any suggestions? 

     thanks Andrea S.

  • Cruiser42Cruiser42 Want to look like this again - or BETTER!

    Given the scale does not move as quickly for some of you, is there a better way to measure progress? Blood sugar readings, clothes, body fat %.

    What are your thoughts?


    Mirror, friends, & body measurements:  upper arm, chest @ nipple line, waist, thigh, neck. 


    Thanks for asking!!!

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