Glutathione Herxheimer Reaction?

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I finally managed to get my hands on some Upgraded Glutathione and started on the recommended dose of 1ml a day in the morning, at least half an hour before food. I was expecting to feel great but instead I felt pretty terrible - super sluggish and I even fell into a two hour nap because I couldn't keep my eyes open. This continued for several days so I ended up reducing my dose to 0.5ml and this has helped somewhat, but I am still feeling markedly lethargic.


I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into this reaction? Has anyone else experienced this? I thought it might be a herxheimer reaction because I have about 20lbs to lose so I imagine there are a lot of toxins in my cells, though I am surprised it would be so strong as prior to taking the Upgraded Glutathione, I was taking N-Acetyl Cysteine and Alpha Lipoic Acid to encourage my body to produce more glutathione.


Any help would be much appreciated! I want to stick with the glutathione because there have been so many great reviews but I don't know how long this detox will last and the benefits will start.


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    I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into this reaction?



    Herx, no, detox issues, perhaps. I believe herx reactions specifically apply to toxins released by bacteria as you kill them off, which glutathione does not do. However it may well have mobilized stored toxins. 


    Are you using charcoal or some other binder to mop up the toxins? The major detox pathway is excreting toxins in bile at the top of the small intestine. Bile is reabsorbed at the bottom of the SI to be recycled, so if you don't provide something for the toxins in the bile to bind to as it moves through the SI, most will be reabsorbed along with the bile.


    If that's the case, you basically used glutathione to release toxins that were stored, but didn't get rid of them, so they make you feel extra crappy until they are stored again. 


    Upgraded Coconut Charcoal should theoretically do the job fully, but if you use less micronized charcoal you may want to add chlorella or bentonite to have more varied sizing of nanopores. 

  • I thought I'd replied to this when I saw it months ago but it seems not! Thank you for your input, ACH85! I had heard the term 'herxheimer reaction' thrown around but I realise now that I was mistaken so thanks for correcting me.


    I thought I'd give a little update on my reaction to the glutathione in case anyone else has experienced something like this. After persevering with it for another week or so, I started to feel really good and I no longer felt like I'd been hit over the head with something each morning! I was always using activated charcoal to adsorb the mobilised toxins so I guess my body just took a while to adjust.


    When I finished my last pack, I completely forgot about reordering some more glutathione and for the past month my weight loss has stalled. I particularly missed my glutathione when I discovered that I have a terrible mould allergy (due to damp and mould in my apartment, eek). I have just started my new pack and I don't have that sluggish feeling anymore and it seems to have jump-started my weight loss again. I will see how it goes but it does seem that, for me, upgraded glutathione is worth the cost!

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