American Grown Rice - Gmo?

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I'm wondering if anyone can inform me about the state of GMOs is in the area of American grown rice, particularly japonica rice (sushi rice). Reading this I get the impression that GMOs are making inroads - but the date of the article is nine years ago.


In the past my family has bought Nishiki and Kokuho Rose brands (now a third brand with a black bag).  We tend to consume a fair amount of the stuff so I wanted to double check that we weren't absentmindedly consuming Monsanto crap. Obviously we could buy organic (Lundberg) and be on the safe side, but the price point of these brands in the large bags is pretty appealing. Google searching wasn't very productive.


I was also wondering about the cheap sweet potatoes that I buy from Superstore (Loblaws).


  • Potatoes and rice are not GM.  It's safe to say that if you are shopping single ingredient whole foods (potatoes, rice, fruits, veggies) they are not genetically modified.   GM in the US is all about big agra - Corn, Soy, Canola, Sugar Beets and it's all about fueling and powering junk food: candy, canned foods, processed junk, soda etc...  


    Technically, even the wheat isn't GM.  Some papaya and zuchini is but the changes made are harmless.

  • Well that's a relief, thanks!

  • Is it?  This is what happens to your potatoes - even without GM - (and this is why I pay hippie prices for organic):


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