Dealing With Diabetes?

I'm wondering if anyone on the forums has some ideas, information, or promising leads to websites/forums/podcasts about dealing with diabetes?

My sister was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this year, and had done pretty well in her initial response to it: she monitors her blood sugar, has switched to a fairly low-carb diet (I believe under 40g per day), and exercises most every day to keep her blood sugar steady.


She's just getting a little tired out because, despite these changes, her body doesn't seem to be healing the condition that well: if she skips her workouts at all her blood sugar levels get bad very quickly, and she wakes up with pretty high levels in the morning.

Just wondering it there are steps she could take to help improve her insulin sensitivity, and heal the organs, like the liver and the pancreas, that are involved with insulin and glycogen and such.

One thing I did think of was her workouts: she does basic cardio-type exercise (recumbent bike/treadmill/eliptical) for 30 - 40 min. stretches, I was thinking that maybe interval training might improve her results, and lessen the amount of time that she has to be exercising, but I'm not sure what interval training does for blood sugar results.


Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give!



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