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I have been taking 3000mg Colostrum in the AM when waking and PM before bed for maximum timing with natural cycle of HGH levels.

How bad does this interfere with the BP IF protocol?  I've been IF for a year now with good success.  I am 50 year old female and I have read that women over 40 should consider protein with the BP coffee for hormonal reasons or if they are overweight.  I am neither. I am quite healthy and trying to increase natural hgh production. 

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  • i think with fasting the idea is you want to suppress IGF-1, and i'm pretty sure colostrum is one of the ultimate foods for BOOSTING IGF-1. so, if you're gonna fast, i think it would probably best to not take colostrum at that time. i guess you just gotta decide, do you want the strength/cognition/performance benefits of more IGF-1, or the potential increased lifespan that you might get with less IGF-1, or cycle back and forth i guess. 

  • Season10Season10 Trying to survive
    Never really thought of it as life extension but more of a weight control and mood control. I feel lighter and less groggy in the morningwhen i practice IF. But i am sure i pop out of ketosis when adding 3000mg of colostrum early AM. Given the alternatives and the effects so far i would rather increase my HGH at optimal times so I'll experment a little.

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

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