Help With Endometriosis

I had an operation a while back for endometriosis and since then things seem to have only gotten worse, terrible heavy periods where I practically can't go out for any length of time and awful pms.


The docter suggested that a way of controlling all this was to go on the mini pill but I only lasted 5 days before I started feeling weird, so I scratched that idea and came off it, I've always hated the pill!


My diet is more or less bulletproof APART from porridge and golden linseeds in the morning as I just couldn't get along with the coffee and missed breakfast, oh and a glass of red every evening, not sure if that is considered bp or not.


If anyone has tackled endometriosis successfully I would be really grateful to hear about it!



  • I suggest finding a functional medicine doctor in your area and working through this with them.


    I've been doing some reading on Endo recently for a friend, and the deeper I dig, the more I uncover that may help.


    You'll want to look into the essentials: balancing essential omega 3 fats, balancing the essential amino acids lacking in your system, balancing vitamins and minerals as well (all on top of a strict BP diet for maximum micronutrient load). Then there's investigating the gut for permeability, yeast overgrowths, parasites and any food intolerances which may be causing additional un-necessary inflammation. I could go on, but the framework of functional medicine will support your inquiries.


    PMS is regulated extensively by your hormones, and your dislike of the pill probably indicates that you may have a baseline profile that abstains from the 'norm' that they spec birth control pills to. You might find relief with other pills, from what I know, there are various hormonal profiles available to people (but some cost a lot more than others).


    If I were you and didn't want to do anything else, I'd definitely up my magnesium and zinc intake as my readings indicate this helps a lot with heavy flows.


    Hope this helps :)

  • It does help, thank you very much!  I'll start with the magnesium and zinc...:)

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