Bulletproof And Diabetes

Has anyone had success with recovering from Type II diabetes on the Bulletproof lifestyle? I am a 39 year old female who started a weight loss journey January 6th of this year and started out weighing a whopping 237 lbs at 5 foot 5. Today I weigh 194. I was diagnosed with diabetes 3 or 4 years ago and have been trying to control with diet. Well, I am a terrible patient as I am sure we all have been at one point. I had not lost or gained weight in that time frame, but sugars were way out of control. My numbers now are better, but still too high for where I want them. Before changing my eating habits, my morning fasting BS was 260 ish. After meals were about the same too. Mind you I was eating pasta, grains, whatever I wanted. I thought if I could just lose weight I will be okay. Now, my fasting morning BS are generally around 140 or so. I have been checking them throughout the day randomly and after meals. Sometimes when I think I ate decent my sugars are around 160 or so 2 hours after. Then I will check it again an hour or two later and it's 20 points higher than after meal. I just recently discovered Bulletproof and the infogram chart. I noticed that a lot of what I was eating was either in the yellow of green. Nothing in the red until I discovered that garlic and onions (high carbs) with my cabbage and sausage plus my probiotic spiked my BS up to 190. I thew out my probiotic....first ingredient.....maltodextrin.....sugar. I was so ticked off. I am in ketosis and keep my carbs below 20-25. I am at least faithful with that. I don't count calories anymore. Too stressful. Sometimes I will eat a tablespoon of coconut oil (virgin-expeller pressed) just to make sure I am getting enough fat in with moderate protein. I have been doing intermittent fasting too. Eating nothing after 5 pm and not having breakfast until after my workout is finished. Around 9 or so. Skip lunch and usually have sockeye salmon and 2 cups of organic greens with homemade apple cider vinagrette (Braggs). Today I started the Bulletproof fasting plan. I am not a coffee drinker and I never have been. I used 2tbsp of coffee to 12oz water for fear it would make me jittery. The Kerry's Gold butter 2tbsp, and 1tsp brain octane. Then my son and I shoveled our entire driveway (we live in the sticks and have a long gravel drive) and I was very pleased. Not even a trace of the shakes! Did I miss it because I was active? Who know's, but maybe I will bump it up to the full recipe and see how I do. There is so much misinformation out there that I feel very overwhelmed. Google keto diets and there are way too many and a lot of junk that isn't good for you! I just want to be healthy and fee good. I feel way better now than at 237 lbs. Anyone with any tips, suggestions, anything that could help me out is appreciated! Here's to staying BULLETPROOF!!!!


  • You lost 40 pounds in a month?! WOW! AMAZING! 

  • I have a friend that is a type II diabetic and has been injecting himself for 15 years with insulin.  He went on a paleo/keto diet and lost 100 lbs.  He completely stopped taking insulin and is doing great.  He works out and keeps a very strict diet by eating no starches at all or fruit for that matter.  (he loves the BP coffee)


    If you are taking insulin, then I am not suggesting you stop it.  It is just to show that it can be done.  I would suggest going to a paleo/keto friendly doctor and asking him about it as well.

  • That is good to know! Thanks for that info. I am on no meds at all. I have just had 25 or less carbs, intermittent fasting, and HIIT. I recently came across Bulletproof website in the hopes I can get my body in order. I just checked BS before bed and haven't eaten anything since 6 and it was 40 points higher that 2 hours after dinner. Only thing I had was a 64 oz jug of water with 3 lemon wedges in it. I looked at the carbs and sugars and sure enough it has sugar. This happened once before and I thought it might be the lemons. Guess I was right. What else could it be? So frustrating!
  • Were you exercising during this period?  My friend says he gets a blood sugar spike right after exercising.  His blood sugar is low now.  (fasting BS is 100 and rarely goes over 160)

  • Yes....I do HIIT and it does make BS go down. I did it in the early mornings before I broke my fast around 9am. Now I am doing bulletproof and it's been about a week and a half and my blood sugars are up and I have gained back 8 lbs. No grains, no fruits, carbs from green veggies on info chart, sockeye salmon, grass fed beef, lots of fats (virgin coconut oil, brain octane, avocados). Starting to wonder if I should go back to doing what I was before. Very discouraged right now.
  • That's a tough one... not sure what to tell you except go to a paleo friendly doctor

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