A Cheap Idea To Greatly Improve Your Summertime Sleep

edited February 2015 in General Discussion

I sleep better when the blankets on top of me are heavy. I fidget less and don't feel like getting out of bed. 


This works in the winter.


But summer time its too hot for MOST kinds of blankets to go heavy.


I mean heavy in the sense of weight (kilograms, pounds) not in thickness or warmth 


Where could I find an item or blanket or way to make it so summer time I could have


- breathable, NOT warm (not a typo) blanket 

- blankets over me are heavy but still NOT warm

- since they are heavy, I will move around less and then -> better sleep

- ideally can be tied to something on each corner so they don't fall off the bed (something I look for in every blanket regardless of this idea) 


I'd like to say

- I mean summer time but with the evening still not humid. So a mid temperature summer night where it makes sense to add warmth but not too much warmth 


If it's warm and humid even at night, I would probably go with a very thin and light blanket 


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