A Cheap Idea To Greatly Improve Your Summertime Sleep

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I sleep better when the blankets on top of me are heavy. I fidget less and don't feel like getting out of bed. 


This works in the winter.


But summer time its too hot for MOST kinds of blankets to go heavy.


I mean heavy in the sense of weight (kilograms, pounds) not in thickness or warmth 


Where could I find an item or blanket or way to make it so summer time I could have


- breathable, NOT warm (not a typo) blanket 

- blankets over me are heavy but still NOT warm

- since they are heavy, I will move around less and then -> better sleep

- ideally can be tied to something on each corner so they don't fall off the bed (something I look for in every blanket regardless of this idea) 


I'd like to say

- I mean summer time but with the evening still not humid. So a mid temperature summer night where it makes sense to add warmth but not too much warmth 


If it's warm and humid even at night, I would probably go with a very thin and light blanket 


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    good luck with your quest. post up if you find anything.

    i was after the same thing, without much luck (for me).


    it is now summer where i am, and on most nights too hot for any bedding at all (i do not have any air con). so my sleep is pretty much stuffed by the heat at the moment.


    anyway, when it was not so hot, the two closest 'solutions' i found were;

    1. a duvet that was classified as Medium Weight & Cool Temp...this was not too bad on cooler 'summer' nights.

    2. a heavy cotton blanket (not wool)...i think they may sometimes be called waffle blankets. they come in various construction & weights. some of them are quite 'holey'.

    do a 'google image' for 'waffle blanket' & 'cotton waffle blanket'. 


    the other problem i have with sleep temperature...is that my body temp will vary during the night, as will the room temp, so i am forever removing, adding or changing covers.

    i am & always have been a very light sleeper, which probably makes me prone to waking easily when i get too hot or cold.

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  • No idea where it's from or why it's soft and not stiff scratchy, but I've got a denim comforter that fits the bill. The denim makes it heavy, and it's not too hot in the summer. Not sure how it pulls that off, but it does. 

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    Do you know about those blankets with weight chains or balls in them? I'm not sure how breathable and cool they are though. Here in Sweden it's possible to get one as part of health care of you have certain diagnoses. I'd guess they're pretty expensive though unfortunately, but maybe it could be possible to make some primitive home made version?

  • Google "weighted summer blankets". There seems to be some.

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