Lab Test Reveal Enterobacter Gut Dysbiosis. Seeking Advice Please!

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I just received my Biohealth 401-H GI Pathogen Screen results and the doctor's review states:


"Enterobacter species isolated – this indicates an abundant overgrowth of this common (and commensal, aka. normal) bacteria. The presence of this particular bacterium does not indicate disease, but likely dysbiosis (bacteria imbalance in the digestive system) that can be addressed with general probiotics. There is not always a specific need for antibiotics based on a stool test finding of this bacteria." 


Does this indicate SIBO and would a low-fodmap diet be wise here? Should I stop supplementing with probiotics (Prescript Assist and Innate Response) and stop eating homemade sauerkraut? 


​I was almost sure that the test would come back positive for intestinal Candida overgrowth since I have every single one of the associated symptoms. I even decided to have a few cups of Pau D'arco tea (which is suppose to help with Candida) while waiting for the results and had a pretty bad herx reaction. Could it have been something else dying? My neck was insanely sore/stiff and I had a nasty headache for about 2 days. But the worst is the sugar cravings/binges. I try so dam hard but its like there is something inside me that drives my ass to the store at 11pm to get chocolate. I actually managed to stay on a ketogenic diet for about 3.5 months, but during christmas I had one square of dark chocolate and the cravings immediately came back with a vengeance; its like they were in hibernation and I woke them up. Could all these "Candida" symptoms actually be the Enterobacter overgrowth?   


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