The Rumors Of My Exile Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

No, I was never banned. I left voluntarily because I was tired of seeing the same answers given to every question. i.e. "Adrenal fatigue", "SIBO", "eat more carbs". 


I just wanted to thank those of you that reached out to support me in my absence. You know who you are. 


"Just want to say you contribute some good info on the forums. It is good to see some more critical thinking on the board. Just wanted to let you know your knowledge is appreciated."


"This forum is getting weak!  There isn't really that many knowledgeable people on the forums so to censor someone with actual good info is total bullshit!"


"Thanks for fighting for common sense and rational thought in the forums"

My personal blog :


  • Wait, you were here before?


    Did you have a different name?


    Maybe a different avatar?


    Trying to recall... maybe I need more MCT oil.

  • but if you don't eat the exact magic number of carbs the adrenal fatigue monster will get you!

    anyone that remembers you probably assumed that's where you went, attacked by a bogeyman, never to be seen again.


    did you fight it off with sticks of butter? welcome back :cool:

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