Dave's Glutathione

Wondering about the optimal dose. I've been taking two doses a day, I'm wondering if more would be better, especially for detox ?

Also, how important to take away from food?


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    Detox from what?

  • mercury. Also have mold issues and possible Lyme...

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    What did your physician prescribe for your mercury detoxification? Did they give you any insight into the dosages of glutathione you would need? Did they diagnose you with Lyme disease?

  • Thanks. a couple of more questions.


    How long should one keep it in mouth before swallowing? Does it matter if it's under the tongue or not? 


    How far apart from meals should you wait before eating?  

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    I'm still interested in the mercury chelation you are hoping to achieve.

    1) How much mercury do you have in your system? How did you determine this?


    2) How does glutathione remove mercury from the body? If glutathione does this, wouldn't your naturally produced glutathione have been doing this since the onset of your mercury exposure?


    3) Why have you chosen glutathione supplementation over heavy metal chelation therapy? Was it a cost issue? Was one shown to be superior to the other?

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    i'm curious about intracelluar glutathione everywhere else in the body vs hepatic glutathione.

    is all/most glutathione produced in the liver and then disseminated throughout the body or is it produced elsewhere?

    and of course assuming you have the raw materials and enzymes necessary, is there a production cap?

    it'd be a bummer if you have a high free radical load and had depleted levels of glutathione only to find your body just won't produce more to accommodate demand.


    apparently hepatic glutathione can be replenished by supplementation when depleted, it's just a question of non hepatic production/distributed extra-hepatic glutathione. 

    there also appears to be a percentage of the population deficient of a gene that aids in production and recycling of glutathione.




    so you don't get owned when you mention it in a conversation.

    there's nothing that gives a medical professional greater joy than correcting your pronunciation of any supplement you may bring up in conversation.

    the level of glee derived from the correction almost elicits what be an equally satisfying slap in response. 



    interesting article for what its worth.



    also... my personal observation about the glutathione force....

    they seemed to help a great deal, as did unfair advantage.


    I sampled both products last year. my conclusion at the time was they didn't do a darn thing.

    if you arr doing BP IF or are under a lot of physical stress, I would recommend it.

    if you are eating mediocre and not under a lot of stress/burning fat you might not notice a personally quantifiable result.

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