Spring Break/traveling In General

How do I stay bulletproof when I travel or go on spring break in a few weeks.  The supplements are no problem but how do I manage to have bulletproof coffee. Anyone have any suggestions and yes I popped my Bulletproof forum cherry!


  • Kenny,


    I find that whenever I'm on break/vaccation- having a planned schedule for each day is important.  You'll have a lot more time on your hands to feel productive, yet have tons of fun.  Have a set time to wake up..and set time to go to bed (which, I know isn't always easy).


    Have fun! - Where you going btw?



  • Hi Kenny-


    Grass fed butter - Are you traveling domestically?  If so, you should be able to transport the grass fed butter in your luggage.  I've seen other forums recommend freezing it beforehand and it will keep for the duration of the flight.  Even better if you have some sort of mini lunchbox/cooler type of thing to put it in with an ice pack.  That's how I took it on my last trip.  The hotel I was staying at did have a mini-fridge... I guess not having a mini fridge would complicate things a bit.  


    Mct Oil - obviously this one's pretty easy to take with you.  Just remember to be under the fl oz limit if it's in your carry on.


    If you're going international... I've taken mct oil through customs in several countries before (mostly EU and Mexico) and have not had issues.  The butter will probably be an issue.  I haven't tried taking butter across international borders before.  


    As far as the coffee is concerned - I usually will begin my own bulletproof coffee grounds (grind them pretty coarse), use the hotel room coffee maker to heat some water, and I add the grounds directly to the hot water.  After 4-5 minutes, I pour the coffee through a mini strainer into a second cup to strain out the grounds.  It's basically a poor man's french press.  A few of the finer grounds might get through the coffee strainer and yield a slightly muddy cup, and the hotel room coffee maker won't heat the water to quite an optimal temperature, so it's not going to be like home... but it works pretty well considering the circumstances.  


    For international travel, coffee is fine to take across borders (at least every one that I have crossed), so no worries here.


    As far as mixing, it might be difficult to replicate the performance of your kitchen blender.  I know some people have mentioned traveling with a Magic Bullet or other portable blender; I don't own one of these, so I can't say much more on how good these are.  Personally, I usually will travel with a mixer bottle or some drink container with a tightly sealing lid, add components to the mixer bottle, and shake vigorously.  Again, it's not perfect but it has worked pretty well for me.  You won't get the nice foamy layer at the top, but the butter and mct oil will mix evenly throughout the beverage, and you do get a creamy consistency.


    If for whatever reason (crossing border or no fridge) you can't take the butter, I'd recommend still taking the coffee anyway; you can still have high quality black coffee without subjecting yourself to hotel room coffee.  If you prefer some fats in the morning, then you can seek out a replacement morning fat source at your new location.  For example, I went through a period where I was traveling back and forth between Mexico frequently for work; I would bring my black coffee with me and prepare it as described above, and I would buy some avocados upon arrival (easy to find and super cheap in Mexico) and have one of these each morning with my coffee.  Once again, I know this isn't perfect, but you've got to embrace the 80/20 rule when you're on the road.  It's another option.


    Hope this helps.  Have fun on spring break!

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