Ahh, The Things Bodybuilders Say ...

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I stumbled across a bodybuider's forum ... Geez ... They trash Dave and all his research and science repeatedly. Listen to these guys go:




Once somebody already knows everything, I guess there is no hope for that person ...


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    The bodybuilding.com forums. Man, that takes me back.


    Some choice posts:



     It's kinda funny that he advocates buttered coffee but not eating fresh kale. It sounds like something that'd be in a snl sketch.



    lulz @ coffee forum


    And a more recent one!



    Asprey is just a well-spoken salesman who uses just enough science to sell his over-priced products to the gullible “bro’s” out there. I will admit I fell for his spiel and went all in on the “bulletproof coffee”. What happened was my cholesterol shot through the roof at 300+, didn’t lose any weight, and burned my adrenals (pissing all the time, racing heartbeat).

    Do you even refeed, bro?


    Asprey’s weight loss is due to the exogenous testosterone and modafinil he takes, not because of his fat-bomb coffee. People on paleo, extreme-low carb diets are playing with their health because no one knows how it will play out 20-30 years from now.

    Asprey’s fear of mycotoxins in coffee is completely unfounded since mycotoxins are destroyed in the roasting process. The same or very similar coffee he sells for $18.95 can be bought from Portland Roasters for $9.95.

    If you notice, his blog is just a facade to sell his over-priced items most of which can be bought much cheaper. NOW brand MCT oil is the same as his MCT oil, but comes in a glass jar instead of his plastic bottle (oil should never be sold in a plastic bottle) and is much cheaper than his. It's a shame guys like Rogan and companies like Onnit push Asprey's products heavily.

    For real nutrition knowledge, I’d advise people to read research articles by scientists who aren’t hawking products. All research articles are available for free on pubmed.


    Come on, which one of you was this last guy? Just fess up!

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    HeHe ... yep. Words of wisdom indeed. This quote had to be my favorite:


    "He is on TRT and all sorts of amphetamines and caffine, don't think of what he says much without looking at the whole picture of what he is using."

  • lol.....no comment...other than the fact that my cousin used to go on BodyBuilding.com for everything.  He used to be crazy about lifting...for the past year or so he's stopped.  ; ;   sad

  • Everyones out for money. Pills and potions with cult following. There are good people on every site and belief system
  • Meatheads don't realize that everyone hates and makes fun of them.

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    Ah well, bodybuilding is biohacking with building muscle as the premier goal. I've been there too. After bodybuilding I was a long-distance runner for a while. And now a Bulletproof-goofball who is mostly interested in mental performance. Everybody has their goals.

  • Liked the language, liked the icons too, as far as they had them. Just beautiful.
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    As far as I know, Dave was (maybe still is) using testosterone, T3 and modafinil. So the claims of the bodybuilders are not that far off or ridiculous. Eating high fat and low carb and the same time taking all this stuff, then claiming that all effect was due to the diet is the N=1 version of those confounding studies where they feed people with processed foods and then find that red meat causes cancer.

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  • Most people on that forum are addicted to sugar and carbs, as most people are.  They are not enlightened.

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