Applewatch And Other Sensors

I am interested in how the AppleWatch will be integrated into the many quantitative self products or products of the future.


Does anyone know of work being done to incorporate the AppleWatch with the HeartMath, food detective, or any other Health devise, app, software...


Also, do any of these product have a cross purpose use? example: can the innerbalance sensor be used as a heart rate monitor outside of it's app?


I am hoping that there will be a sensor like the AppleWatch that will become the central detector for many apps/software.


What have you heard?


  • From HeartMath: The Inner Balance app and sensor will not work with other products and or other apps.  At this time we do not have any plans for the Apple Watch.  Please let me know if you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to help. 


    I guess there must be substantial impediments for Health apps to "make plans for AppleWatch" ?? Anyone have insight to this? I would think that Apple would be opening the specs for companies that want to utilized the sensor/watch.


    Insights anyone?

  • I remember asking the SweetBeat people whether the Heartmath Inner Balance sensor could be used for tracking HRV, if for no other reason than the mildly-gymnastic move of wrapping a HR strap around my torso in the morning while staying relaxed in bed wasn't the ideal way to get a just-woke reading. They said it wasn't sensitive enough. I'd imagine that's true of most sensors like this.

  • I have been doing a fair amount of research here without a lot of luck in really determining wether the hr sensor will be be sensitive enough to accurately track hrv. My expectation now is that there will be a solid hr. tracking app for the watch out there within 2 years of release. Apple has a history of releasing revolutionary products with one or two major annoyances and then fixing them in the 2nd gen version (i.e. the bubble on the back of the first iPad or the lack of an app store on first iPod touches).


    I am very excited to put the apple watch to use in tracking my health even if for now all that consists of is a very well made, versatile, fitness tracker.

  • That is what I have found. Surprising little useful HealthApp/AppleWatch info coming out. I guess the next month will be when the info and hype will start flooding out. 4/24/15 Launch

    I think this field will be huge and very useful for the health of humanity.

    I'm looking to create something that will help individuals, process the data, feed research (genomic and medical).

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