Teen, Carb Nite And If!

Hi everyone!


I'm 17 and been on high fat/low carb for some time now, and am feeling the positive cognitive effects of it. However I'm also into street workout and actively have been for a year now.

I've built muscle, but seem to be stalling at my current weight and am not managing to lose anymore BF.


Performance-wise I'm doing well on ketosis for my workouts, just completed a short/intense session while keeping the reps high, usually thought as harder on keto.


After learning about bulletproof I started to question my strong cut-off from carbs. I'd like to try and add some rice/potatoes to my evening meal here and there to see if any results pop up.


I've also been reading about IF and its health benefits, and while I won't be drinking any coffee, I'll still have butter and coco oil in the morning (That's how it works right...? Noob here :) )


My question:

Carbs/protein @ evening after workout -> Sleepytime -> Morning: bad IF because body now thinks it's going to get carbs and delays fat usage -> cravings & poor clarity/focus/etc.?


Or will I switch fairly easily back into ketosis?


Thanks :)





  • You should switch back into ketosis fairly easy in the morning. I always do. Messing with carbs is tough at such a young age because you can handle more, and you might need slightly more. I have wondered about this for some time as a 21 year old male.

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