Ketone Levels



  • So, I went to the dr earlier this week and got my blood work (complete blood chemistry/every organ, and whatever else I could get. They haven't put them in my patient portal yet, so don't have exact numbers) back yesterday. It all came back normal. Although my triglycerides were elevated, they weren't screaming and for now she isn't concerned. Still diagnosed with type 2 DM. A1c 7.3. Since this is a 3 month average, one of those months I was not dieting and ate whatever whenever I wanted. That said, I expected it to be high. She did start me on 500 mg Metformin to try and get the waking blood sugars under control. I don't think it will be enough and I will be going back in a month to reevaluate the dosage. Overall, she was very pleased with my success thus far. I was surprised that she didn't yell at me for the ketogenic diet. She was fine with me giving up fruit and grains. Having a 7 year old with type 1 she was more than understanding of the effects on blood sugar of these foods. I am feeling a bit better about the way things are going as far as weight loss and knowing that my body is handling the changes well. I wish it would fall off faster. I have been teetering between 190 and 194. She didn't have one thing to say either about all the supplements I am taking. So, I'll press on....I appreciate the advice, tips, and support of those in these forums. Here's to remaining Bulletproof........cheers ;o)  

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