Brand Rec For Pine Pollen Plz ....

hi, i'm looking for a solid recommendation for a high-quality Pine Pollen ... i see many brands online.  A couple that seem to be 'popular' are from Surthrival and Raw Forest Foods but there are several others too.   Also it seems this supp is offered in both tincture form and powder...  any thoughts on effectiveness of those 2 forms ?   And please share any personal experiences/results pos or neg from using this supp,  thanx !



  • Are you looking for Pine Pollen to make testosterone gains?


    I would recommend the tincture form regardless of which company you go with.


    Surthrival has some quality stuff, I decided to go with their powder form, but it isn't as bioavailable as their tincture. I would imagine most of it gets used as carbs during digestion and takes a while to enter the blood stream. Go with the tincture for sublingual delivery for maximum effectiveness and most bang for your buck.

  • I haven't tried their products but imagine Superman Herbs would offer some good value for money pine pollen.


    I'm considering buying wholesale direct from pine pollen but am slightly concerned about quality and heavy metal concentration.

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