Maltodextrin In Piracetam Capsule Harmful?

Hey fellow brainiacs,


I just got some bulk powdered Piracetam and a capsule form version. I read on the back of the capsule form version that the ingredients contain Maltodextrin, is this something I should be worried about? I just feel that these fillers aren't necessary and rather not have them in my product, but if they are benign enough I’ll consider taking them.


Just curious as to what people know about this topic, as a lot of capsules are filled with various binding agents and thickeners, and it’s tough to dictate which are harmful and which are not.


Thanks and all the best.


  • I'd be interested in knowing the answer to this as well!

  • Where did you order from? Are they capsules or tablets? Many manufacturers use Maltodextin as a flow agent during the capping process but usually in very low doses. When it comes to low dose nootropics like Noopept and nefiracetam, the Maltodextrin can be used as a flow agent as well as a filler. 

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