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   I am a long time lurker of this site, as well as, Longecity and have decided to finally contribute to the community with this possibly very important bit of information I stumbled across.


   In the comments for this video on you tube .com/watch?v=dUMUIXNeBRQ




This will be a bit of a long reply, but for you that are interested in the different areas, and what effects were noticed during the 9 month trial on 3 people, here it is, using the 10/20 brain map (can find it on google images): When we place the positive electrode over T3, and negative anywhere on the opposite side (usually T4) we noticed that you turn your self into a calculating machine, I don't mean in just mathematics, but in general, you become a Vulcan (like spock), you seem to express less emotions, and you can deal with problems in a very orderly manor, it seems like all the problems you have when your brain doesn't know how to deal with things, you know, when your thinking about a problem, but your not really thinking about what to do, your brain just lays out the issue in logical order, and you begin to go through the issue 1 by 1 until you come to a conclusion, that is very handy for work, especially in my field of work (network design/troubleshooting)

moving on (I have much more to say on each field but I will try keep it relatively brief from now on, you can email me directly if you want further information regarding different areas and the effects we noticed)

If placing the positive electrode on T5, negative again anywhere on the opposite side (always separate the electrodes by at least 4 inches), we notice that your ability to recall words, express words, and come up with concurrent sentences with speech, improve vastly, when your talking to someone, again its a bit like being a calculator, but this time, with speech, Your able to find words you didn't even use before or remember, and use them in such a way that you sound smart, and confident, 2 out of 3 of us used this for testing at real job interviews, in short, both myself & the other person went into an interview for jobs we knew were way above us and our abilities, way above our pay grades, and within 30 minutes of talking, with no resume, we each had scored a job we didn't need, with the boss deciding he liked the way we spoke, we seemed so confident and precise that he not only gave us the job, but I was put on 15k+ more per year than the job was actually offering... again I stress, that everything I had ever heard of knew, just came flowing out, so easy, no stuttering or pausing, we just blasted the owner of the businesses with such charisma that he didn't even want a resume (no kidding) - right then and there he asked if we could start the next day, and would give us a company car plus the extra, he had the forms done up and ready to sign the next day - so I took the job, to see if I could handle it, but after a month, I was bored, so I quit :)

that aside, the other 2 interesting placements we found were with the positive at CZ or PZ (on top of the skull) - at CZ we noticed something really cool, not sure how it would help with work, but we found the brains ability to perceive and interpret visual data was increased by about 50% more than usual (or 1.5x the norm) - the best test, was driving, when you go for a drive after doing this,  and you know when you come to a give way or yield sign, and you have to quickly look right and left for cars or people, the actual action of moving your head left to right, instead of having a choppy sort of frame rate, you could clearly see and understand what was coming in from your eyes - an easy test before and after is to notice this:

When you move your head left and right real fast, you cant make out things in-between like what speed your doing or the oil level etc. you "see it" but you don't really pause long enough to notice the precise information, however after using TDCS, when again looking left and right, you CAN see everything in-between, you need to pause for a lot less, you can act and think faster with motion related situations and make sense of it, once brief look and you don't need to look again, that was cool!  not sure how it will help you with every day life, work etc.  unless you play tennis or other fast paced object recognition and co-ordination.

As for the positive over PZ, it was similar with CZ, however we noticed again an increase in our body's ability to correctly predict the movements necessary to intercept things like balls, your motor control and hand-eye coordination improves, again this depends how long you use it for, all effects seem to wear off after about 1.5-2hrs time.

Many people and sites tell you to target the frontal lobe with the negative, just above your left or right eye, DONT DO THIS A LOT, we noticed a huge decrease in short-term memory, after many sessions, this effect lasted for about 1-2 weeks... was not a useful side effect!

We found, no matter where you place the positive (the area that gets boosted) as long as you kept the negative at least 4 inches away from it, so the electricity doesn't jump from positive to negative without passing through your brain (jumps over the skin instead if too close) as long as you always moved the negative each session, so no one area gets too much of a dampening effect then all is well.

Targeting the right side of your head, at any spot does not seem to do much, front right with the positive seems to make you slightly more irrational and ... your thoughts jump around, not useful at all.

We also found a strange side effect, useful if your an idiot,

If you place the positive electrode over T6 (rear right side) and the negative at the front or on the left front side, that the only thing which changes is YOUR TASTE!

with that, everything tasted bitter, horrible, even your own saliva, we couldn't help but spit out our own saliva because it tasted like bitter metal.

again for all these tests we noticed you must do the session for at least 20 minutes, no effects were noticed doing less than 18 minutes, the sweet spot is between 22.5-25 minutes for each, you can do up to 30, however this only sometimes makes the effect last another 20-30 mins, does not increase the effect.

We also noticed, you need to add a tiny bit of salt to the water for the electrode/sponge, if you don't, burning and more painful sensations (crazy itching etc.) would occur, however if you add more than a tea-spoon size of salt would cause the machine to detect that the resistance was too low, and would cut off for safety, so just a tiny bit of salt.

If any of you want more information including other areas and effects or long-term effects that some of us noticed, email me Lee @ Clyde dot com

Happy zapping!




Thought I would add just a few more things to my last big post,

If you drink alcohol, then try "zapping" your brain, you get real dizzy, not sure why, but luckily the alcohol content in your brain wouldn't be high enough to catch fire with an electric charge, 2mv on a DC electrode I doubt could do that even with 100% pure alcohol.

the strangest thing I have ever tried, was waiting until I was super tired, ready to go to sleep, I decided to see what would happen if I zapped my self on the left side (T3) for 30mins, then go straight to sleep...... didn't notice any change in my sleep, but when I woke up, I felt like my consciousness grew a conscious.. It felt like I was aware of myself being aware of myself, I started to wonder how I got into me, and why the water from the shower was so shiny and clear,  after getting out of the shower, instead of doing my usual, find keys, shoes, maybe eat food, check emails, grab stuff, go out door remember to lock door... without even thinking about it, my brain had organised it all for me, I did things in the most efficient and logical way possible, and that time, I did not forget to do anything, all was perfectly well, I got into my car and started up without those wondering thoughts "did I forget anything" - I got so much done that day, with ease... I did a lot of work, went to many sites and sorted out problems like it was nothing, I then had the other half of the day spare, because my wonderfully organized logical thinking got everything done so well.

the effects lasted between 3-4 hours, which was more than enough time to sort out all of man-kinds problems with time to spare.

as I mentioned a few months back when I posted the original comment about it, the other guy I tested became one of the best sales people at this extremely large Australian company, he has moved up again and again, and is now earning sh*t loads, he usually drops by if he's having a crap day at work, during his lunch break, to have a quick zap, then he heads off, and at the end of the day he drops by to report that he got everything sorted, turned around some deals that were going south on him, and even managed to make the customers happy and sell them more, he loves TDCS.

after a few more weeks of continual zapping on my left side, usually moving the electrode (positive) around by 1inch from the general T3 area, besides getting tired every day, once I stopped using it for a week, I then came up with a few super-brilliant ideas.

In short, I now run a new company which generates me a few million per month.

I was reluctant to share any of this information with other people, as It was like a secret weapon, if used correctly, in the right zones, you can do great things with it...used incorrectly (like on the right side of your head) you will think everything in the world tastes like sh*t.

again, happy zapping




...I am using a proper pre-built TDCS machine from, not sure about a home made one, but this one works, I also noticed some extremely weird side effects after a week of not using it... I can feel my brain getting re-wired, I'll let you know in about 30 mins of all details ï»¿


   I have not tried any of this, as I have literally just read it minutes ago, and I do not have a tdcs device. However, I will be purchasing one now and using it as directed by Mr. sexualpredator13.




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