Sick Kids? Stay Healthy. A Little Hack I Developed...

I developed a little hack to break the germ connection between sick kids and healthy parents. I came up with it after my wife and I kissed to sooth our baby that had just vomited in bed. We both ended up getting Norovirus shortly thereafter and were plenty sick when we had to take our daughter to the ER for fluids.

Short story is that you can stop putting kid germs in your mouth (which makes you sick, especially if fatigued or poorly nourished) by making a kiss sound as you simultaneously give a little bump to the kid with your chin. No germs in your mouth, kid gets soothed by affection. A tight hug helps, too, I've found!

Longer story I wrote can be found here if interested:


Practice this now as cold/flu season winds down and have it down pat for next year! Healthy parents are more effective (and happy) than sick ones ... I know from experience ... and those kids get better care when parents are 100%. Drug-free, sanitizer-free bulletproofing.


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    Here's another stay-healthy trick I developed. Not as much for kids because good luck teaching it, but it's a good chemical-free way to keep the mono-crop human pathogens out of our bodies.


  • Good tip. We use a similar practise when the reverse is true. 


    Neither of us get sick often any more, but if one of us feels a sore throat or something, we avoid kissing our kids directly etc, without making it seem like we're withholding affection etc.



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