Store Bought Bacon

I know it might be a long shot, is there a really good store bought bacon? If not, which is the best? What should I look for?


Not in the position to get a whole pork belly and do it on my own right now. I will try a butcher over the next few days, but thought I would ask as I am going to run to the store tonight. 



  • Uncured, pastured bacon (also called pork belly) is the best (well second to wild boar bacon). It can be found at high end supermarkets, farmers markets, or online.


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  • Applegate is possibly an ok brand.  But forget that and get over to your local farmers market.  Ask around for some pastured bacon and try to find someone who is happy to explain why his/her pigs are healthy pigs.  Buy from them and pay around 15/lb for high quality bacon.  You wont be disappointed :).

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  • Thanks for all your replies. Going to hit that farmers markets for sure. They are quite small here right now due to this thing called winter here. Ugh! Hopefully someone will have some. 

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