I'm Going To Turn Into A Vampire (Sleep Hacking ?'s)

This summer I'm moving to Berlin, Germany and I'm wondering what sleep hacking considerations are going to be of my new lifestyle.

I'm a developer and most of my clients are in North America, 9AM California time is 5PM Berlin time, so I'm planning to adjust my workday.


I'm also going to be living in one of the greatest nightlife cities in the world, which I plan to take advantage of, so I'm going to have a quiet nocturnal existence! For foresee an average day of me waking up around 11AM or noon, working 12 hours and then doing something fun for a few hours and going to bed around 3AM-4AM


I know there are some biological disadvantages to sleeping during the day and spending hours working in front of a computer at night. What supplements and/or sleep hacks do you suggest



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    that doesn't sound that terrible to be honest,

    you are still awake during a good part of the daylight hours.

    i would just try & get outside as much as possible whilst the sun is 'out' (or behind the clouds/rain).

    possibly try & work outside for some of the day if you can or next to a (preferably open) window, does not need to be direct sunlight, undercover is fine. 


    make your first 'job' of the day to look up at the sky (avoid looking at the sun directly if it is visible).


    & if you do have to work indoors, make sure the area is brightly lit with white light during 'your daytime';

    'natural light' fluorescents are fine and cheap for this, with a colour temperature of 5000K or above.

    or if you need some heat as well, get some high watt halogen lamps. 


    edit: & if you take Vitamin D3, take it in the morning (or your version of the morning) at approx the same time every day.


    all these tips should work as natural zeitgebers to some extent. (coincidently, zeitgeber is a German word).

    fake it till you make it

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    Welcome to Germany. :)


    You should also get red glasses and wear them at least 2 hours before sleep and you should keep your rhythm and not change it all the time. Your body will adjust to it.

    May you be well, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be loved.

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