Vitamin C Vs. Ascorbic Acid - Copper Deficiency?

I know Dave Asprey recommends taking Vitamin C as ascorbic acid (see, e.g.,,but I now have a question as to whether taking it as ascorbic acid causes copper dysregulation. Here's why I'm concerned: 


I recently listened to a podcast that Dave's latest guest (Wendy Myers) did with Morley Robbins:


In that podcase, he discusses the importance and complexity of copper, and one thing he notes is that taking Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid is not at all the same as taking Vitamin C in a whole form, in that the former prevents copper from binding with the ceruroplasm, which is critical for copper to be properly metabolized by the body. Here's part of what he says:


"I know we’ve been trained to think that vitamin C and ascorbic acid are one and the same. The vitamin C molecule is like a car. It’s a shell with four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine. That’s pretty much the design of the car and that’s pretty much the design of the vitamin C molecule. Ascorbic acid on the other hand is the shell of a car and no moving parts. The important part about the vitamin C molecule is that that engine is actually an enzyme called tyrosinase and that spark plug that runs that engine is copper. It turns out that that very enzyme, tyrosinase is very important in helping the body to metabolize copper. Ascorbic acid on the other hand causes copper to separate from ceruloplasm." 


Here's a write-up from his website, citing some research:


Does anyone have any knowledge or thoughts?





  • Yeah. I've heard that for a while. May be best to just get it from food or use a natuarl vitamin



    Do not take anything I say here as medical advice.

  • This has become crucial I think. I found the same link after he had Wendy on again recently.

    I take Vit C in the Ascorbic Acid form as he recommends, and my copper levels are currently through the roof (via hair mineral analysis)

    It may not be the cause, but the correlation is at least startling.

    How can we get him to address this issue? has he discussed it anywhere recently?

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